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Stopping 2 year old from undoing buckle on car seat

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Selja Tue 02-Apr-02 13:50:04

My ds has figured out how to undo his harness buckle on his car seat so now climbs out. He's a little young to understand how dangerous it is and just likes escaping (he's always been a houdini). Its also a little difficult to reason with him about not going anywhere until he's strapped in properly. I've seen the buckle clasps for ordinary seat belts but have never seen one for a car seat buckle (we've got a Klippan). Any ideas how to stop him escaping without it meaning I've got to sit in the back with him?

Daffy Tue 02-Apr-02 16:49:35

There was another thread regarding a similar matter where I think in the end the parents had to make out that the car wouldn't start unless all seat belts were fastened. Maybe you could use the search facility to try and find it.

tigermoth Fri 05-Apr-02 08:59:16

Selja, I have an escapee, too. I have posted lots on the subject before - look under 'baby houdini' and 'doping your children'. One further tip: I ensure ds has a thick jacket on before he is strapped in. The more he is wedged in, the less he can propel himself out.

As for your buckle loosening problem, I am stumped. I must admit I would be tempted to wind some strong sticky tape around the buckle to stop little fingers getting too near. In an emergency, it can be quickly cut off.


LizC Tue 10-Sep-02 15:49:43

Hi Selja - I know this topic was a while ago but my friend is having similar problems with an 18 month old who undoes the seatbelt holding his carseat in and then leans over and also undoes the seatbelt fastening his 5 month baby sister's car seat in too! She doesn't know what to do and I noticed you say you've seen buckle clasps for ordinary seat belts? Do you know who makes these and where you can get them from?

Amity Tue 14-Oct-03 16:10:55

I have a toddler that did use to get out of her seat but i bought a snugsit and a buckle cover from and this stopped it. The snugsit is a velcro cuff that fits around the chest straps and stops the child from getting their arms out, the buckle cover stops the child from undoing the clip on the car seat belt. It is impossible for the child to get out with the snugsit, believe me mine tried and failed.

cantbelive1234 Tue 16-Dec-14 17:08:38

Hi I bought Beltlock and it did the trick. mine cant do it any more. on amazon

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