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Solid wood/other types of wood floors

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bayleaf Sun 11-Apr-04 11:41:25

NO, I'm not trying to see how many wood questions I can ask in one weekend.... We have just got plannig permission to turn our garage into a room and I wasn't expecting to actually do it for months/yeasr due to the problem of builders' waiting lists - but all of a sudden we've been offered a builder who might ( if his quote is OK) want to start next week!!! Thus I've spent all weekend on the internet tryign to make all sorts of decisions.
I definitely want an oak floor - and I definitely don't want one that looks at all plastic - and I don't really mind how much it costs. I'd rather have one that is practical and fairly easy to keep clearn ( altho it is unlikely to be me that cleans it on the whole!) It's for a family room off of the kitchen. Does anyone have any comments about the pros/cons of different types of flooring - I had no idea there were so many options until I started looking yesterday! I'd kind of thought it was plasticky click-in laminate or the real thing - but not so! A man is coming to talk to me about it all on Tuesday so it would be good to have a bit of prior information/first hand experience.
Now I'm off to try and find terracotta tiles that are exactly 31.5 cms..... oh what a fun way to spend Easter weekend!

noddy5 Sun 11-Apr-04 12:38:46

sounds like my life !Junckers do v nice solid wood fairly reasonable price and quick delivery I think they have a website

robinw Sun 11-Apr-04 13:35:43

message withdrawn

robinw Sun 11-Apr-04 13:46:01

message withdrawn

Janh Sun 11-Apr-04 14:40:11

Are you sure you actually want a builder who is free next week though bayleaf? Why is he free? (Not that I'm cynical or anything!)

robinw Sun 11-Apr-04 15:00:24

message withdrawn

hallyhupthebarber Sun 11-Apr-04 15:26:59

There was a lomg thread about 4 weeks ago about oak flooring.
A solid oak floor will cost between £30 and £40 per yd sqr. Random width boards look the best. Once down treat with Danish oil. Retreat once per year. Avoid laminate flooring if pos. A solid oak floor will still be there in 100s of years time, and the older it gets the better it looks.
Make sure you get first grade oak when selecting wood, the lower grades include the softer outer wood which can be much lighter in colour.

hallyhupthebarber Sun 11-Apr-04 15:38:21

Products, 11th March.

bayleaf Sun 11-Apr-04 16:07:07

Thanks - will try searching again - tho I did before I started this thread so I'm not sure what it can be under - but I'll try anyhow.
Yes you're right to be cynical abut builders - but this one is booked up for 2 years but has a 4 week delay on some land he's building a house on so I can have him NOW or not at all. He's recommended by my architect man who knows him well.

bayleaf Sun 11-Apr-04 16:17:38

Thanks - typed in any word I could possibly think of and found the threads Feel like I'm following countessdracula around- reading her threads or posting the same questions elsewhere!
Will see what my Tuesday man has to say - having seen what I could get off the Internet...

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