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Disposable nappies, which brand do you use? Or don't you?

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WideWebWitch Thu 08-Apr-04 20:06:07

Are you a Pampers or Huggies person or do any of you use supermarket own brands? I bought Pampers this time just because I did last time but we're 6.5 years on and they don't seem as good as I remember. So I've tried Huggies and I don't think they're much better. So either I'm a bit more lax about changing them since she's my second (entirely possible) or nappy quality has deteriorated. for example, you used to get girl and boy brands years ago and now they're all unisex which seems odd to me. Cost saving on the manufacturers part or did we genuinely not need boy/girl nappies? Anyway, interested to know what you use and why and aware that this is another tedious question so apologies for asking it! Don't try to convert me to cloth, I know the arguments and sorry, just can't and won't do it.

misdee Thu 08-Apr-04 20:12:04

have you tried nature boy/girl nappies. they seemed good. pampers are ok, tho some children react to the lotion in them.

the boy and girl nappies were just a marketing play i think.

i dont like disposibles much anymore since switching to cloth (which you wont want to hear so wont go on).

safeway and asda own brands are also pretty good and better on the old purse.

OldieMum Thu 08-Apr-04 20:12:31

We use Pampers Active Fit (which I believe are available from size 2 onwards). They seem more robust than Huggies and miles better than supermarket own brands. We also like the stretchable tabs, which give a better fit. We have had very few leakages (about 3 in 15 months) and only ever at night.

kiwisbird Thu 08-Apr-04 20:17:23

whichever is on special I do use cloth but use dipsys (as we call them) at night only go between pampers active and huggies, dd is not heavy wetter so cannot tell difference in anyway, other than pampers active fit slim babies nicely

prettycandles Thu 08-Apr-04 20:28:23

I don't like Pampers - they smell nasty dry, and positively poisonous with wee in them. Huggies are OK, but I don't like the wide tabs as they dig into dd's thighs or tummy (was the same with ds when he was in nappies). Tesco's own (the non-budget ones) are what we mostly use, though they don't have the stretchy back. Safeway's own are basically Huggies re-branded. I never got on with Nature Boy/Girl, if they were very full of wee they often split and gel went everywhere.

My all time fave disposable is Moltex Oko, and as soon as I can find a reliable supplier I'm going back to them. Actually, it wasn't the supplier that was the problem (Little Green Earthlets) so much as the delivery company (Parcelforce) which was once excellent and are now useless, at least in my area.

MissyHissy Thu 08-Apr-04 20:43:57

My eldest ds is nearly 3 & I always bought Pampers. Just so happens they were the 1st ones I tried & were fine so stuck with them (brand you can trust & all that). Tried Huggies once but weren't such a good fit & I found the sticky tabs difficult to unstick. Ds2 wears Pampers at night & Aldi ones during the day & they're pretty good too IMO.

grumpyzebra Thu 08-Apr-04 20:59:28

DS was in disps at nursery and we used Tesco's & Wilco's very very very cheap cheap cheap 10p each nappies... they were fine. Esp. because nursery changed the toddlers like clockwork every 2.5-3 hours. But even when I used the cheapos on holiday for longer periods they were ok (just don't refasten well if you have to take nappy off for some reason). I otherwise mostly have Huggies when we don't use cloth, and they were good enough for both my girl and boy. And Boots own.. seemed about same quality as Huggies.

If anyone else is only a part-time disp user... do you think that disps have a use-by date? I have disps that will be at least 5 years old before I use them, and I wonder how they'll bear up... I think that "old" disps tend to get smellier, do you find that?

bossykate Thu 08-Apr-04 21:03:55

moltex for me.

bossykate Thu 08-Apr-04 21:10:44

prettycandles, try The Nappy Lady . we've always found their deliveries very reliable.

coppertop Thu 08-Apr-04 21:26:28

We use Asda's own brand or Huggies, depending on which are available. They tend not to leak, even with ds1 who is now nearly 4yrs old and very active. (Before anyone shoots me down for having a non-toilet-trained child of his age, he's autistic).

I've only got ds's but can't help thinking that girl/boy nappies are a bit of a con.

Nutcracker Thu 08-Apr-04 21:31:24

I use Pampers or Boots or Asda. Used to use Wilkos for dd2 too.
I am having a bit of trouble with leaking nappies at the mo, so am going to test a few.
I don't like Huggies though, not keen on the wide tabs.

Galaxy Thu 08-Apr-04 21:35:33

message withdrawn

JJ Thu 08-Apr-04 21:37:10

WWW, I think it's each to his own. My youngest, as he's grown up, has gone through "best" brands about 2 or 3 times. We used cloth on him for over a year, then switched to disposables. But we've learned to bump him up a weight range when he's leaking, even if he's there or now. Don't know if that will work for you!

Zebra, the perfume might have gone off, but the wetness sucking bits will be working. I'd give one a go and see what happens.

WideWebWitch Thu 08-Apr-04 21:39:32

Are Moltex disposables? I just held a Pampers up to the light (I know, saddo) and they seem very thin to me, especially round the back which seems to be where dd's wee collects (sorry). They have got thinner I swear.

treacletart Thu 08-Apr-04 21:47:33

I genuinely prefer Tescos own brand best - soft, nice fit, no leaks. I read because of all the scientific advances in the absorbancy stuff manufacturers use nowadays, boy/girl versions are redundant.

bossykate Thu 08-Apr-04 21:55:00

www, yes they are "eco" disposables. we used pampers active fit briefly and moltex are just as good as those, and better (imho) than nature b&g.

eidsvold Fri 09-Apr-04 10:19:53

used pampers new baby when she was first born and then moved onto Huggies - now into huggies adventurers which I find better than pampers active fit.

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