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Cheap fold up scooters

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Nutcracker Wed 07-Apr-04 19:24:30

I want to buy my two dd's one of those little metal fold up scooters for easter.
Anyone know where i can get them from cheap.
Argos ones are 20 quid each, which is abit more than i can afford. Was thinking more along the lines of 10-15 quid each.

Nutcracker Wed 07-Apr-04 19:44:04

Oh no one then.

kid Wed 07-Apr-04 21:01:56

I've seen them here
for £14.99 each but you have to pay P+P (£3.99 I think) so you still save a bit of money from the ones in Argos.

mummysurfer Wed 07-Apr-04 21:28:38

woolworths / big w
ours were £15
best money we've ever spent
hope you can get hold og them

Bron Wed 07-Apr-04 21:52:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nutcracker Wed 07-Apr-04 22:13:37

Right,just tried woolworths but they hadn't got them. Tescos web site hadn't got any toys and toys r us wanted from 29.99 - 49.99.

Allegra Wed 07-Apr-04 22:36:29

Maybe try another branch of Woollies? We got one a few weeks ago for £9.99

kid Thu 08-Apr-04 15:40:45

This is the link for them at woolworths

Nutcracker Thu 08-Apr-04 15:44:35

Oh thanks for that Kid. I am going to go to wollies tommorow and if i can't get them i will order them from there. Thanks again, thats just what i was after

kid Thu 08-Apr-04 15:47:13

glad to be able to help

Nutcracker Fri 09-Apr-04 21:45:05

I got them today, from woolworths. They were very pleased with them.
Got ds a push along car thing, which he loves too.

Thanks for the help

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