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Swedish rear facing car seats

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Kittypickle Wed 07-Apr-04 16:39:42

DS (nearly 7mths) is too long for his first car seat but can't go into the next stage forward facing as he is quite a way off sitting unaided for half an hour. The combination 0+ and group 1 car seats like the Britax first class will just about fit into the front passenger seat (we'd have to get the airbag disabled) but there would be no way my Mum who has mobility problems would then be able to get into the back.

In desperation I've bought a Britax Nordic Eclipse - made for the Swedish market where they keep their children rear facing for longer. It's arriving tomorrow and I'm not at all sure what to expect ! If anyone has visited Sweden and seen how their rear facing seats work, I'd really appreciate any info.

nicm Wed 07-Apr-04 22:40:47


sorry I have no experience of this but would be interested in a seat like this. Can i ask where you ordered/got it from?


Kittypickle Thu 08-Apr-04 19:19:37


Britax gave me the number of a company called In-Car Safety Centre - 01908 220909. Be warned, they are horrendously expensive, 175 quid. Mine doesn't fit and is going to have to go back after all this.

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