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we want an artificial xmas tree delivered, put up and decorated. any ideas?

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wheelsonthebus Fri 22-Sep-06 12:32:47

ok - i know it's lazy, but my dp and i work full time and we can't be bothered with doing this ourselves. i know some companies do it with real fir trees,but we want an artificial tree so it will last all december next to a radiator. does anyone know of a company that will do this. we have a reasonable budget and live in south west London.

nellie245 Fri 22-Sep-06 12:35:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AChickleBorther Fri 22-Sep-06 12:37:00

nothing like sucking the fun out of everything by throwing money at it

will you be employing someone to open your presents as well

wheelsonthebus Fri 22-Sep-06 12:37:10

ah nellie - what a shame!

Twiglett Fri 22-Sep-06 12:38:01

agree with the chickenbotherer (or whatever her name is)

wheelsonthebus Fri 22-Sep-06 12:38:31

achickleborther - is yr idea of fun putting up a tree and hanging baubles on it? life's too short surely

yorkshirelass79 Fri 22-Sep-06 12:39:12

Message withdrawn

yorkshirelass79 Fri 22-Sep-06 12:39:57

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Fri 22-Sep-06 12:40:34

it can be fun if you do it right .. and the kids love doing it from about the age of 2

but you can buy pre-decorated trees I'm sure

AChickenBotherer Fri 22-Sep-06 12:41:53

Twiglett - liked your misspelling of my name much better and have changed!

and wheels if you can't be tossed putting up your tree, don't have one

cancel Xmas altogether if you like

Twiglett Fri 22-Sep-06 12:41:58


alexsmum Fri 22-Sep-06 12:42:03

isn't that a bit ..dreary?
won' your kids be sad to not do it?

tissy Fri 22-Sep-06 12:42:17

I don't know of any firms who do this, but you can buy ready-decorated trees (from JL, for example), which would take no time at all to put up.

or, how about getting a photo of a decorated tree, blow it up to poster size and stick it on the wall?

wheelsonthebus Fri 22-Sep-06 12:42:48

i will continue my research on google - wasn't really seeking views on the merits of it.

AChickenBotherer Fri 22-Sep-06 12:43:12

lol at tissy

you could also make your own clothes that way

Twiglett Fri 22-Sep-06 12:43:32

hire one from here

alexsmum Fri 22-Sep-06 12:44:49

god those trees look....soulless

redsky Fri 22-Sep-06 12:45:19

Try 'greenleaf' tel 0845 9808. They do a huge range of real and artificial trees - and garlands etc. We use them for our pub Xmas tree.

codwiggle Fri 22-Sep-06 12:45:58

you idle bint

JollyRogerMamaG Fri 22-Sep-06 12:46:01

wheelsonthebus - here's how Mumsnet works.

You ask where you can get something. You will probably find out, but you will also get everybody's opinion on it, whether asked for or not. Mine included.

Just decorate a tree. Its fun. SCrooge

Twiglett Fri 22-Sep-06 12:46:18

psml @ chickenbotherer .. are you new or namechanger? (of have I just not seen you before)

JollyRogerMamaG Fri 22-Sep-06 12:46:22

OH and you'll also get an insult from Cod

codwiggle Fri 22-Sep-06 12:47:01

if oyu are too busy to do this you REALLY need to look at oyur work life balance

AChickenBotherer Fri 22-Sep-06 12:47:16

twiglett sssshh

I'm in disguise

clumsymum Fri 22-Sep-06 12:47:23

But what about when Xmas is over? Will you just throw the whole thing away and buy fully decorated again next year to save time?

Look, if you really can't be bothered either a) do without one
b) get someone else (a granny/friend/mother's help) who at least knows you and your kids to do it with the kids.

DS was only 3 months old when we did his first christmas tree, but we showed him all the baubles and tinsel etc. as it wrnt on the tree.

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