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Looking for a poncho

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kid Sun 04-Apr-04 12:31:15

I'm looking for a poncho for my dd who is 5. Saw one in Gap but didn't want to pay £30 for it!
Would appreciate any help in tracking one down!

melsy Sun 04-Apr-04 12:34:51

If anyone finds or knows of anywere else to get them, I want one for myself!!!

kid Sun 04-Apr-04 12:35:34

melsy - have you looked on ebay? they have some for adults.

melsy Sun 04-Apr-04 12:38:16

OOh will do , just worried about parting with my monies to someone I dont know. I have done a search for them before but nothing came up.

melsy Sun 04-Apr-04 12:39:58

Just had another look andits all Knitting patterns. Anyone knit around here???!!!!

beetroot Sun 04-Apr-04 12:42:15

Message withdrawn

papillon Sun 04-Apr-04 12:42:18

2nd hand 70´s stores would have them!!

I saw one the other day... but it was for when u have your baby in a sling... extra hole for the babe!

melsy Sun 04-Apr-04 12:44:49

70's store is good idea. I would like a plain ribbed one. I used to buy 2nd hand all the time, Camden was my 2nd home, but now my taste has changed and somehow it doesnt appeal anymore. I have my eye on a JOSEPH one buts its £200 , whihc is RIDIC!!!!!

papillon Sun 04-Apr-04 12:47:29

are poncho´s in at the moment or something... I thought that 50´s was in this summer.

melsy Sun 04-Apr-04 12:48:33

No Im 2 seasons too late for any fashionistas out there , but I dont care cos I love them.

Davros Sun 04-Apr-04 13:01:31

There were lovely ones at Jojomamanbebe, poss last season. They had classic crocheted ones and lovely polarfleece too. Not sure if adult one though, def for babies/girls.

CP3 Sun 04-Apr-04 13:15:11

i have a jo jo one fleece, lilac for a baby though. Melsy what age did you want

kid Sun 04-Apr-04 13:15:35

melsy - did you do a search on 'poncho' I saw loads for women on there. If you type 'ponchos' then the search isn't as successfull!

melsy Sun 04-Apr-04 13:16:34

Found them here bottom left of page .Polartec Poncho

melsy Sun 04-Apr-04 13:18:36

Just re did search, ther are some beutes. Lovely.

bunny2 Sun 04-Apr-04 14:01:55

Accessorize do them (adults, not sure about childrens). I have one and it's fab.

Hulababy Sun 04-Apr-04 21:21:36

I know you said you don't want to pay full price for them but the Gap ponchos are fab DD had one last season and is just growing out of it, so just got her the new one. BUT word of warning - they are very unlikely to go in the Gap sales. Getting hold of last winter's was very difficult even at full price. It was selling out the minute it came in stock as they only brought in one or two of each size maximum and had really limited stock. I had mine ordered. Not sure about this summer's one but again when i went there were very few. According tot he assistants, all the branches have been fighting over ordering them!

Mirage Sun 04-Apr-04 21:40:36

Next will have some out in the next few weeks.Should be in the summer range & the latest catalogue.

CountessDracula Sun 04-Apr-04 21:43:18

Gap sale!! They have a line turnaround of 32 seconds so you should be able to get it half price next week

kid Wed 07-Apr-04 13:00:52

CD- When is the gap sale starting? Would I be able to order one online as they only seem to have the american website for Gap (unless I'm going blind and can't see UK one!)

Hulababy Wed 07-Apr-04 13:03:59

Only amercian site as I far as I know. Don't think you can order for Uk on it.

Good luck with getting one in the Gap sale. You may be luckier than us

Codswallop Wed 07-Apr-04 13:05:18

cant order form US site as far as I know

Pain isnt it

i fancied a pncho (cant believe I said that) when I satw kirst in one on location

Codswallop Wed 07-Apr-04 13:05:49

6 weeks i think CD


Codswallop Wed 07-Apr-04 13:07:31



are you an insider?

None in next summer book

kid Wed 07-Apr-04 13:23:12

I didn't find any when I looked at next online either. I prefer to browse online rather than traipse round lots of shops!

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