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socks that stay on

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Spod Sun 04-Apr-04 10:39:02

i need some socks or booties for a 5mth old.... ones that stay on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her feet must get cold....all the ones i have last about 2 mins! or should i just glue them on

beetroot Sun 04-Apr-04 10:42:36

Message withdrawn

popsycal Sun 04-Apr-04 10:44:28

next - the ones with the little plastic non-slip things on the bottom
we had the exact same problem

collision Sun 04-Apr-04 10:45:21


popsycal Sun 04-Apr-04 10:46:09

next - practically the same as the gap ones but cheaper.....and......but i wont go into the second

Spod Sun 04-Apr-04 10:46:30

i liv in a gap-free universe...any others?

popsycal Sun 04-Apr-04 10:48:57

i too live in a gap free has to be next

popsycal Sun 04-Apr-04 10:49:09

unless next is the same for you......

popsycal Sun 04-Apr-04 10:49:34

next are the only ones!!!!!!!!!!!
believe me - i spent months and months looking

Spod Sun 04-Apr-04 10:50:31

cheers...we my have a next. i'll look. ta. can socks be used for 80 different things?

popsycal Sun 04-Apr-04 10:51:33

give us a shout if you dont have or someone else would get you some if need be - i know how annoying it is!!1
you probably can order them online....
will look for you

and no, they only have one use really lol

popsycal Sun 04-Apr-04 10:52:59

this is them
bottom right picture

popsycal Sun 04-Apr-04 10:53:22

three pack £3.99
but worth it!

Bron Sun 04-Apr-04 14:47:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nutcracker Sun 04-Apr-04 14:51:31

Do you have a Primark ???? Pack of 3 pairs with non slip things on the bottom 1.89, and they are brilliant, stay on and wash well, don't shrink.

jodiemay Sun 04-Apr-04 15:03:42

My son Jack has always worn the socks with the little foam shapes on the bottom but he still pulls them off at every opportunity. I still buy socks from PriMark and Baby Gap but have bought slippers from John Lewis that are leather but have elasticated bands round the ankles so they can't walk out of them. They are excellent and Jack can't get them off! I think they cost about £12 but are so worth it!

hercules Sun 04-Apr-04 17:43:54

Tescos are very similar to gap ones but half the price.

JennH Sun 04-Apr-04 17:51:38

The market is the best place for socks. Everything falls off her feet except for the cheapy ones off the market. You can get them in small baby shops as well (the cheap ones, not the expensive boutiques).

iota Sun 04-Apr-04 17:52:55

Hey Jenn I've never seen a shop for small babies - can I sell one to tehm?

Grommit Sun 04-Apr-04 18:10:21

MOthercare have some which actually seem to stay on - a bit like Gap with white pattern on sole

sar7 Sun 04-Apr-04 18:18:59

I too am a committed Gap sock purchaser but I have also found that H&M do some virtually identical to Gap that stay on as well. And cheaper of course.

Millie1 Sun 04-Apr-04 20:45:41

Another vote for Gap!

kiwisbird Sun 04-Apr-04 20:46:40

Pumpkin patch have some that are good but some that are crap too
I can post you a pair she has outgrown if you like!

Spod Sun 04-Apr-04 22:30:24

kiwisbird, thanks for the offer, but dont worry, i'll be off to the shops 2morrow to buy an assortment... i shall try them out in the shop... walk round for a bit and see if she manages to kick them off!
popsycal...yes, funny, socks only have one use! he he. still feeling stooooooooopid.

sillygoose Fri 09-Apr-04 22:07:54

The ones with actual 'heels' work best for me. Have some from M+S, and also Mackays....they have a buy one get one free on socks just sad am ?!!

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