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bea Mon 25-Mar-02 09:51:01

My playgroup are looking for beanbags for the baby area, so far i have only managed to find them at John Lewis (£16)

does anyone know where i can get them for cheaper... ?

and yes i know they are quite easy to make and i would love to have ago... is it really that easy and plus has anyone ot any really simple instructions how to make them...???

(I can make curtains!!! AND with lining - a sign of my proficiency with the sewing machine!)

bundle Mon 25-Mar-02 12:10:21

Ikea had some just before Christmas, I assume they stock them all year round and I think they were about £10..the covers were animal shapes & furry, and not very attractive, so I made a cover for one in an upholstery fabric (nice n tough), using a v long zip.

Dixie Mon 25-Mar-02 12:39:31

I've seen bean bags in the argos catalogue, didn't really observe the price but they are usually reasonably priced. you could check their web-site.

Twink Mon 25-Mar-02 12:47:24

Tumble Tots stock them too.

mollipops Mon 25-Mar-02 14:08:17

Do you mean the small square beanbags to toss around or the big ones you sit in?

bea Mon 25-Mar-02 14:09:23

bean bags you sit in!!!

my fault! should have been a bit more specific!

Twink Mon 25-Mar-02 14:37:43

Sorry Bea, I've got the other sort on the brain at the moment cos one of dd's favourite songs is 'shake your beanbag' - it should have been obvious by the price you quoted !

leese Mon 25-Mar-02 19:07:44

Argos! - cheap and cheerful

mollipops Tue 26-Mar-02 06:47:33

I only asked because I thought big beanbags were dangerous around babies, since they can get "buried" and suffocate in them, and also because of the filling being a choking hazard...maybe they have something else in mind for them?

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