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Mclaren Daytripper

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bea Mon 25-Mar-02 09:30:36

Sorry to be going over old ground here, but thought i would like some updating....

i'm thinking of getting a lightweight stroller, to use on public transport and for quick jaunts into town...

so far i have read many good things about the Mclaren Daytripper and have founf it at a lovely cheap price of £50 at

has anyone got any otehr reccommendations for a stroller, it has to be collapsed/opened one handed, a good shopping basket, sturdy and all the other usuals...


tigermoth Mon 25-Mar-02 14:17:34

No other recommendations, but just like to say that I've used a Mclaren day tripper to carry each of my two sons. The pushchairs hold up really well on the roughtest terrain. Their collapsing mechanism is always reliable, and, of course, they are very light weight. The only thing that lets them down is the fabric trim. It ages well before everything else. But unfortunately that's true of so many other pushchairs.

Demented Mon 25-Mar-02 14:41:05

I don't want to put a spanner in the works here as the McLaren certainly is a nice light buggy and suitable for all your needs, I just haven't had much success with them.

I have friends who have had them for yonks and have had no problems and perhaps we are just buggy jinxed.

I have had three McLaren Mistrals (I think that is one model up from the Daytripper) and ds is only three.

The first (which we still have and have kept only for holidays), and this is probably our own fault, we took on holiday and dragged it up and down the sand on the beach with ds (aged 9 months at the time), bottles of wine, nappies etc in the shopping basket, by the time we returned the buggy was decidedly wobbly. No 2 the seat recline did not work properly and the shop took it back. No 3 seemed to be really lasting the pace until one day I was running across a road with ds at the time about 2 1/2 in the buggy and clipped the wheel on a lowered pavement (the pavement was only about 2 cms and I didn't hit it hard) and the leg of the buggy snapped leaving the wheel flapping about attached to the foot rest, the bottom part of the buggy started to fold but luckily the safety mechanisms stopped it folding altogether. The shop I purchased it from was very sympathetic and replaced it even although it was a couple of months outside the guarantee.

I now have a Mothercare Urban Detour three wheeler buggy (about £70) and although heavy still folds quite nicely to go in the car or the bus, you do not have to take wheels etc off when you fold it and the front wheel tucks away. One of my friends has also had success with a Mothercare buggy but I don't know what it is called but it is along the same lines as the Chicco umbrella buggy but I believe it manouvers better, she has had a McLaren also and says that this buggy is sturdier and doesn't tip if she forgets to take any bags off the handles before she takes her dd out. The only thing is that it is longer than the McLaren and may not fit in the boot of some cars.

Hope you have success finding the ideal buggy and let us know which one you choose!

MandyD Fri 29-Mar-02 22:15:51

The brakes on my Daytripper have given up the ghost after about 9 months, apparently its a common problem. My son's a big 3 year old and still loves his original buggy, the Graco Citisport and its so small and light. Beware if you're tall though, the handle is very low!

One of the best we've had, when my son was newborn, is one of the old Mamas and Papas Pliko's (yes, they can be folded one handed - just post for directions!). Incredibly sturdy, won't tip but they're pretty heavy to get on & off buses etc.

hwr Wed 03-Apr-02 11:03:21

OK, how do you fold a Pliko one-handed? I use ours for buses (non-driver!) and one-handed collapsing would be really handy!

MandyD Wed 03-Apr-02 11:53:37

Here goes: Remove child(!), tuck under arm or if able to stand, hold hand. Tip the stroller back and release each clip under the handle individually. Pull up the central red handle at the back to commence folding. Guide the stroller towards the ground till its lying as flat as it can, then stomp on it to lock. Pick it up by the handles and stow it away! Certainly impressed the lady in the nursery shop who said you need 2 hands free to do it, I was shown the technique by the friend who gave it to me.

hwr Wed 03-Apr-02 12:23:08

Thanks, will have a practice tonight!

pena Wed 03-Apr-02 17:14:39

Has anyone tried the new line of super lightweight Maclaren's - Volo I think they are called. They are supposed to only weigh 4.5 kg & come in snazzy colours. Not much seat cushioning tho' by the looks of it. But as I don't/can't drive, the lightweight factor is a huge plus for me. I am deciding between this & a Japanese brand called Combi which was recommended by a friend living in Hong Kong (i.e. real urban jungle living here). The Japanese are supposed to be masters of lightweight stroller design since big Japanese cities are also urban nightmares to navigate with child & mostly everyone takes public transport. I saw hers but firstly its made in plastic so felt a bit "plastic-ky" i.e. not sturdy, but apparently hers wore well & her girls graduated from them OK too. Anyone else have any experience here?

florenceuk Thu 04-Apr-02 08:45:11


I don't think you can get Combis here, at least, they are not common. But one place to ask is the Stroller board on (US-based so they have Combis.) They're addicts there and will probably know the model you are describing in intimate detail!

JoAnne427 Thu 04-Apr-02 19:31:11


I am actually on my way today to buy a combi - need a lightweight stroller for kicking around town as opposed to the SUV I have been using! Here is a website that has them for the lowest I have seen:

The outlet store happens to be very close to where I live, so when I am there today, I will ask about international orders/shipping...

very lightweight, easy to close, seem to be durable...

JoAnne427 Sat 06-Apr-02 13:09:14

Hi Pena:

I went to get the Combi - and changed my mind as the sample was falling apart - asked the clerk - he said it wasn't a great one - the next up on the scale seemed much better, so I may go for that, but being that the whole idea was lightweight, not sure yet...might get a Kolcraft to keep in the car for small jaunts from store to store...

They also had a Volo on display - very lightweight, and had a kit that could be purchased in addition for hood, raincover, etc. Folded right down and could be slung over the shoulder for carrying...

I am curious - how much are the Daytrippers in the UK? Here, they are about $200...

MandyD Sat 06-Apr-02 17:15:43

How much!!? In the UK you wouldn't expect to pay more than GB£70 for a Daytripper, some places have certain colours for as little as GP£50.

JoAnne427 Sat 06-Apr-02 18:53:25

Yes, it's true - here, the Maclaren is the stroller to be seen with (I don't have one!)- the next one up (techno maybe) I think is about $350.

perhaps from being imported? Well, just another reason for me to come overseas and visit - think of all the $ I'd save on strollers!

pena Tue 09-Apr-02 14:03:53

Thanks. Am tempted by the Volo - as it looks sturdier than Combi-s which my friend swears by - easy to fold one handed, super light etc but its plastic, feels, sounds, looks flimsy. Anyway still a month away from when ds really needs one, altho' its starting to kill my back carrying him around in his sling.

florenceuk Tue 09-Apr-02 22:16:19

This is where I meant to post before! Pena, one thought about the Volo - it doesn't have a recline. As your baby will be only 6mths, might this be a problem? If you need a recline, you could think about the Daytripper instead.

caydeb Tue 20-May-03 21:45:00

Hi am visiting uk in about 3 weeks and want to buy a lightweight stroller for my 20 month old boy, have searched web pages and would like advice? kolcraft lightweight stoller, chico caddy and volvo which is better for price and where can you buy? thanks

SofiaAmes Wed 21-May-03 01:53:00

caydeb, i'm a fan of the daytripper. Try john lewis. They have avery good selection, good help, and good prices.

DebL Sun 25-May-03 12:38:10

"" have daytrippers for £40.

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