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small wardrobes - gents or for under eaves - any ideas?

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Cappuccino Thu 14-Sep-06 09:34:13

I want a small wardrobe to go in under the eaves - height about 170cm - but every wardrobe is 201 damn centimetres

they don't need to be that tall surely?

anyone know where I can get a diddy one?

Stiglet Thu 14-Sep-06 10:57:20

I know it's argos but how about a tallboy like this It's 156cm still has the hanging rail/drawers etc

desperateSCOUSEwife Thu 14-Sep-06 10:59:44

could you or dh or even a family member knock some up with some mdf and a rail
for the height and width required
you would get the most of out the wall re storage too

Cappuccino Thu 14-Sep-06 12:03:33

hmmm scousewife

that was the original plan

but since dh has singularly failed to even paint the back door this summer it's a moot point

hence plan b

Tammy123 Wed 07-Oct-09 07:22:41

Pine Factory Cornwall make any size or 4ft high £250 delivered their site is Loloz

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