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3 wheelers - is their such a creature as ...

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suzywong Thu 01-Apr-04 11:54:15

one with split handles, I mean like McClaren buggy handles rather than a 'bar' type? I reckon that's what I would need stop DS2' back of head on bar when riding on the buggy board, am also tall and want higher bars.

any advice gratefully received

thank you

suzywong Thu 01-Apr-04 12:55:07

take it that's a 'No' then

LIZS Thu 01-Apr-04 13:00:32

Never seen one but doesn't mean to say there is n't one. However I would have thought you need the full width bar for stability when pushing and for a handbrake lever. If you bought one with adjustable handlebar there should still be enough room underneath for your ds to be inside. Have you actually tried it out as I've seen fairly big kids riding behind 3w strollers ?

nutcracker Thu 01-Apr-04 13:07:30

Well i have never come across one either, and i do spend alot of time looking at pushchairs.
I will keep my eyes open and let you know if i find one

suzywong Thu 01-Apr-04 13:11:48

I knew you wise ones would know, I feel you are right about the stability LIZS, and i am going to have to go to a big stockist and test them (then go on ebay). thanks nutty, it can be quite an obsession can't, I do stare at women with likely looing ones in the park.

Thank you

hoxtonchick Thu 01-Apr-04 13:27:54

the buggy died then suzywong?

suzywong Thu 01-Apr-04 13:29:21


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