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BearintheBigBlueHous Wed 31-Mar-04 15:36:37

Am sick of pureeing DS's Annnabel Karmel delights with a hand processor and see fun baking with DD hoving into view in the not too, what's the Kiwi Explorer E3 of the food processor world? We are just about to go for a walk passing a kitchen shop, so any sure fire tips in the next ten mins will be acted upon. Thanks guys.

Millie1 Wed 31-Mar-04 18:50:16

Too late for you Bear ... did you buy anything? I've a Magimix which I have a love/hate relationship with - I love it but hate the washing up! The mini bowl is v. handy for small amounts and when DS got past that obviously the big bowl allows processing of bigger portions for freezer. Hate washing it though!

Demented Wed 31-Mar-04 19:39:21

Too late for you too Bear but if you haven't taken the plunge yet I second the suggestion for the Magimix, expensive but soooo worth it and the sort of thing you will still have in your kitchen for years to come, really good quality. I combat the washing up by sticking all the bowls in the dishwasher.

BearintheBigBlueHous Wed 31-Mar-04 20:07:07

Thanks Millie & Demented, we went and had a look, but were scared off by the price. We scarpered with a brochure to lick our wounds and have a think. It was Magimixes we looked at and they did look good.

Which model have you got? Is the Compact 3100 the business, or do we have to go for one of the Cuisine Systemes? Personally I buy anything that calls itself a systeme, from shampoo to buggy/car seat combos. Does it mix cake batter, or do I need a big eff-off Nigella mixer too??? It looked like the chrome version of the same model was more expensive, is that really the case?

Thanks again for getting back to me, it really helps.

kiwisbird Wed 31-Mar-04 20:17:34

I have tried all have reverted back to stick the bowl one handed blender one rinse under the tap clears the crap...
Adn it teaches them not be afraid of the odd lump LOL

Millie1 Wed 31-Mar-04 21:01:32

Bear ... think I have the Cuisine system - one with the bigger bowl which is great. And, like you, I like gadgets & systems, so had to get the Chrome! They are expensive, but they are built to last. I'd also looooove one of Nigella's mixers, what are they called again ... Kitchen Aids. Oooooh! Magimix is great for making her fairy cakes though!

Distracted Wed 31-Mar-04 21:26:30

I've got the Magimix compact 3100 and it's always been large enough for anything I've wanted to do. The small bowl is good for chopping herbs or small amounts. I know Magimix have a good reputation but to be honest mine is cracked and not sure how much longer it's going to last. Think I've had it something like 7-8 years so I suppose that's not bad, but I do feel a bit disappointed. On the other hand I'm not the most delicate of persons at handling things and have probably tried to force the lid on when the bottom is not clicked in place rather often, so that's why it has eventually cracked!

Marina Thu 01-Apr-04 10:35:58

Another recommendation for Magimix, Bear. It really is worth the money. Go on, you know you want to...

BearintheBigBlueHous Thu 01-Apr-04 14:46:55

Enough already, I'll buy one. Just as soon as I empty the dishwasher from last night (and the washing machine) and unblock the sink and clean up the vomit from DD's floor and remove the toast from between the sofa cushions. DW's maternity leave finished yesterday and Day One of Home Alone with Two (Sick) Children has been going less than swimmingly so far. Can only get better and even better still when we get our shiny new processor. Now, anyone got a money off code from John Lewis Direct?

Demented Thu 01-Apr-04 17:19:43

I've got the one with the three bowls (5100 or something like that), Costco bargain. Nigella does fairy cakes in the food processor.

PS the Kitchen Aid is fab too.

Millie1 Thu 01-Apr-04 20:36:10

Distracted ... you probably know this but you can buy replacement bowls from Magimix.

Demented ... that's the one I have - forgot about the third bowl (shows how often that particular one has been used!!).

Bagpuss30 Fri 02-Apr-04 11:24:15

Bear, wondered why you hadn't been about as much recently. Just to add to what the others have said already, my mum has the Magimix (not sure which one) but has had it since I was at home and I left about 9 years ago so that shows how good they must be. Whatever you get make sure it has one nice big bowl for doing soups. I have a crappy Moulinex one which has a 0.8 litre bowl and is useless for soup as it all spills up over the edges . It is good for cake mixture though - I can whip up 32 miniture fairy cakes in about 15 mins now .

Must stop reading the product threads actually, as I have a list as long as my arm for John Lewis wants now .

bea Sat 03-Apr-04 11:32:22

i'll hudredth what everyone has said about the magimix.. mines the cuisine systeme 3100 i think! got it for christmas and times not so sbrilliantly with birth of ds... so have not had as much of a go with it as i would wish!!! but the odd seconds i do get to myself it's ace!!! also got a kitchenaid and they're brill too! ...

yep you always pay more for chrome! the magimix came from amazon... the cheapest i could find...

also as a by note... try this ace website for discount coeds... uptil the 31st march there was a code for £10 off at john lewis if you spent over £20 .. which i took full advantage of! but there are regular postings of codes etc on there!

good luck and tell us what you ended up with!

bea Sat 03-Apr-04 11:34:22

oops forgot to put the link in!!!

discount codes!

BearintheBigBlueHous Sat 03-Apr-04 15:34:19

Thanks everyone - have got it now! 4100 - the 3100 looked tiny in comparison. I know it's not, but they shouldn't put them side by side in the shop - devious bu**ers. Compromised on a white one - so paid same price I would have had I gone for a chrome 3100, and it'll mostly live in a cupboard anyroad.

Haven't got it up and running yet - carried the box home and am still knackered. D'oh. Just trying to find somewhere to store it in the kitchen where DD won't explore and carry out an impromptu fingerectomy. Thanks again for your usual pithy wisdom. Without you I'm nothing

BearintheBigBlueHous Sun 04-Apr-04 15:16:38

Boy does that mother puree!

Demented Sun 04-Apr-04 16:32:28

Fab isn't it?

When I got mine I ordered a slicing blade that did bigger slices, brilliant for chopping the veg for homemade pizza.

Cheese is grated in seconds too. Actually I couldn't live without it these days, I always thought food processors were one of those gimmicky things, it was DH who wanted to get the Magimix and it's great.

Glad you like it.

ScummyMummy Sun 04-Apr-04 16:43:17

I think white is cooler than chrome, BITBBH, as well as easier to keep clean looking. I love my (white!) magimix to pieces. Hope you have a lovely time with yours.

Marina Sun 04-Apr-04 21:43:27

Fab gadget, isn't it...I was a food processor sceptic until I met my Magimix too. Happy pureeing!

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