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Bolster Cushion

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Twinkie Mon 29-Mar-04 11:27:12

Does anyone know where I can buy one of these or a cushion that supports you at night - I had one when pregnant with DD (But 2nd hand gift from someone!) and can't seem to find one now and am soooo uncomfortable at night due to swelling inthe breast area!!

kiwisbird Mon 29-Mar-04 11:30:48

is that the wedge one?

Twinkie Mon 29-Mar-04 11:35:23

No was like a normal pillow but really long - mind you would like to know about the wedge one!!

kiwisbird Mon 29-Mar-04 11:38:15

oh I have a bolster I have one in my loft its feather. It's my mums though.
What you can do is roll up a cheap duvet (thin soft one) and use that. And put it in a bolster case - if you need a bolster case I can sew you one up on my machine!
xx J
Have a mothercare wedge one which is good for bumps too.

Tissy Mon 29-Mar-04 11:39:02

Twinkie, do you mean this sort of thing? They do a really long one!

If so, I have one that you could have cheap! Keep meaning to put it on Ebay, but never get round to it!

Twinkie Mon 29-Mar-04 11:39:45

Thank you darling - that is sooo kind of you. XXX

Will have a look at this wedge thing and let you know.


kiwisbird Mon 29-Mar-04 11:40:29

happy to help!

Twinkie Mon 29-Mar-04 11:41:47

Oooooo tissy do you have the really long one?? (fna fna!!)

Tissy Mon 29-Mar-04 11:45:45

Yes! It was really comfy during the later stages of pregnancy, and I also used it to support dd while I got the hang of breastfeeding.

TBH, it's a bit on the big side to be *really* convenient for B/F, you need to be either in bed, or on a big sofa, as it's nearly 6 feet long, but it did help in the early weeks, when I needed to sit still for maybe an hour at a time. When I really got the knack, I could position dd, the have *both* hands free for the drink/ remote control/ phone!

Twinkie Mon 29-Mar-04 12:02:09

My god - thats huge - can I email you and get your details - how much do you want for it??

Oh have you still got the pillow case for it??

kiwisbird Mon 29-Mar-04 12:05:59

I can sort you out a cse of not or if you need a spare MIL gave me her machine I am under pressure to produce something useful on it...

Tissy Mon 29-Mar-04 12:10:27

Twinkie- email me via contact another talker!

It is huge, but I found it just right for sleeping because I could (with a bit of wriggling) get my head on one end, the middle under my belly, and the other end between my knees!

Yes, I've still got the pillow case, and of course it would be washed- it's the blue one with the green fish pattern. Think there *might* be a very short length of seam that needs repaired (can't remember if I've done it- was about 2" in length).

Not sure how much to ask for it; when selling on UKP usually ask for half new price, and include P+P in that. Does that seem reasonable? If not- I won't be offended- make an offer!

Twinkie Mon 29-Mar-04 12:24:40

Well guys - DP just emailed me - he has ordered me one from a website he has found - sorry to be such a time waster - he is dead proud of doing the first thing he can for me whilst I am pregnant - other than getting me that way in the first place!!

Is a Yoga Bolsetr cushion apparently!!

Sorry again and thanks for your kind offers!!

Kiwibird - get yourself a pattern for some A line skirts and make lots fof them in pretty colours for the summer - damn site cheaper than buying them!! - I have decided to get a pattern for skirts for pregnant women and run some up on sewing machine - all pretty prints and nice embroidery - may even do it as a business venture (oh that and my other dreamof making cakes and selling them to make a profit!!) - I can but dream.

Once again thanks again all. XXX

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