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Which baby backpack?

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wobblyknicks Sun 28-Mar-04 12:01:19

Need to get a backpack carrier to take dd around in and have decided on the cosatto sherpa one. Just wanted to check that no-one had bought one and had any problems with it?

kiwisbird Sun 28-Mar-04 12:03:53

We've got a Vango and it is fab!
Not helpful really but hey!

wobblyknicks Sun 28-Mar-04 12:09:55

That looks really good but the cheapest I can find it for is £80, the thing about the cosatto one is that I can get it for £30 so it looks like a good one at a really good price.

kiwisbird Sun 28-Mar-04 12:14:46

that is good price, you can buy off ebay like we did and save bundles, make sure its well padded in the head or you get nutted by sleeping relaxed baby!

wobblyknicks Sun 28-Mar-04 12:18:02

Have looked at carriers on ebay and they only seem to have mothercare ones and things like that, rather than 'better' ones.

kiwisbird Sun 28-Mar-04 12:19:24

it took us a while as well. We were quite lucky I think, have you tried for reviews as well, that often has good comments about baby stuff

wobblyknicks Sun 28-Mar-04 12:21:17

Thanks, will have a look. Saw a review of it in a baby mag and they gave it 5*'s but I trust MN more for a realistic review!!!

kiwisbird Sun 28-Mar-04 12:24:42

sure someone else will have a better comment than me!

MrsGrump Sun 28-Mar-04 12:27:06

£30 would be a good price, methinks, if new. May be at the cheaper end of the market, but we have had 2 Tomy Snugli backpacks (one was well-used when we got it and we completely wore it out) and been pretty happy with them. Looking online at Cosatto Sherpa it looks a lot like the Tomy one. The only flaw with Tomy is that it tends to pinch fat thighs. WE used to stuff a jumper or something in the top to act as pillow for sleeping baby.
WE also have a MacPac (?Koala?) which I quite like but DH hates.

GillW Sun 28-Mar-04 12:46:28

We have a MacPac Possum which we like. Would have baulked a bit at paying full price for it though - fortunately found it on Ebay at 1/3 original price and near enough to pick it up so no delivery.

wobblyknicks Mon 29-Mar-04 07:40:24

The more expensive ones look and sound really good but somehow I just can't justify it to myself. Have been looking on Ebay but all I ever see are the mothercare and tomy ones.

The cosatto one is normally about £65, have just managed to find it really cheap, so it can't be too bad. Have also found a baby Dan one for £40 which looks more or less the same but I'm not sure its any better.

Thanks for the warning about chubby legs, but dd is rather svelte at the moment (unlike the rest of her relatives!!) so hopefully that won't be a problem.

mummysurfer Mon 29-Mar-04 07:53:59

we had a macpac, bought for £120 new 7 years ago. used it loads and loads for dd then ds
sold it on eBay 2 years ago and got £80 for it!!
so well worth paying the extra

clary Mon 29-Mar-04 08:57:15

We have a Bush Baby cost about £100 four years ago (now they do two, a lite for £80 and a super dooper for about £120 i think). It is fab, I am the only person I know to have carried a 3 and a half yr old (not for very far I must admit but DS1 has always been sturdy so it was still quite an achievement). Really strong and comfy and the kids love it. Have seen cheaper ones (tho not the one you mention Wobbly) and they sometimes look a bit insubsatntial. However, do need to weigh up how much you will use it when spending that much cash. We walk quite a lot in the summer so it has been worth it (and we have 3 children which has kept its lifespan going). Also worth its weight in gold on holiday - very hard to take a McClaren pushchair on the beach!

wobblyknicks Mon 29-Mar-04 13:46:59

Apart from being more substantial, what are the advantages of the more expensive ones?

Having one will be invaluable and I'm sure I'll get loads of use out of it but there's no way I'm having another baby so it won't be reusable in that way.

Nooo, I thought I'd made up my mind on the cosatto one after a couple of months of deliberation - now I don't know again!!

mummysurfer Mon 29-Mar-04 13:52:57

expensive ones +ages
good resell value
very comfortable - with ours most weight was taken on your hips
no hard metal bits

LIZS Mon 29-Mar-04 13:56:51


I think the benefit of the more expensive ones is that they have been modelled on rucksacks and as such spread the load more ergonomically ie. onto your hips as well as shoulders and back, are more adjustable to fit the carrier and are lighter. Having said that unless you are going to be hiking long distances you could probably do as well with a less expensive one. We have a Vaude and friends have got a Mothercare one which was less expensive and is on the third child.

wobblyknicks Mon 29-Mar-04 14:00:21

Thanks everyone - one last question, if you were buying one and had a mx of £80 to spend (not spending more than that) - which one would you buy?

wobblyknicks Mon 29-Mar-04 14:01:27

Is this one any good?

Blackduck Mon 29-Mar-04 14:03:40

I bought the cosatto one (I take it you have seen it cheap on Kiddicare?) I think its fine - haven't used any others so can't compare it...but its nicely padded, easy to use and ds spent lunch sitting in it on the resturant floor whilst we fed him soup and bread.....

wobblyknicks Mon 29-Mar-04 14:04:16

sorry, was just searching for carriers and found this - you have to look, see if you can spot the mistake - at least I hope its a mistake!!!

wobblyknicks Mon 29-Mar-04 14:05:43

bd - yep, am a kiddicare worshipper at the moment!!! Think I should just stick to getting that one, just wanted to check no-one had any terrible experiences with it!!!

Blackduck Mon 29-Mar-04 14:08:56

Hey what a bargin lol........
Like you I love kiddicare - I think I am keeping them in business at the moment....!

mummysurfer Mon 29-Mar-04 14:10:56

how old is you dd?
i used mine for so many different things-
at one point i used to cook the evening meal with dd in it. it was a bad time of day for her and was fine if she was very near me.
if she's still fairly young then it maybe worth waiting for one on eBay. you can list one as tho' it is for sale then say WANTED in the details

wobblyknicks Mon 29-Mar-04 14:11:41

yep, I don't think I'll be buying that backpack unless I win the lottery!!!

Think that in the last year I must have saved at least £300 on kiddicare!! Love the extra deals, always get sucked into buying a few of them whenever I buy anything else.

wobblyknicks Mon 29-Mar-04 14:14:22

My dd is 9 months. I've been waiting a couple of months to see if anything comes up but now it's getting into summer and she's getting bigger by the day, I've really got to get one quick. If I don't find another one I think is a better buy, I'm going to order the cosatto one tomorrow. Should have bought one already, I'm going to be able to use it for so much.

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