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Jane Powertrack or E3 Explorer?

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soph1976 Sat 27-Mar-04 20:35:32

I am about to have my second child and am procrastinating wildly about what would be the best pushchair option. Had a brilliant Silver Cross 2 in 1 for DS but by the time he was 5 months just used the Maclaren all the time as it was so much easier round the shops. He will be 2.5 when new baby arrives and likes to walk mainly but sometimes goes in his buggy. The problem is that at 36 pounds or so, he's a dead weight in the Maclaren (and I have to go up a lot of hills!). 3 wheelers seem so much easier to push. Am thinking of upgrading but can't decide between the Jane, which looks more comfy in the long term as the baby grows, as the seat is nice and wide, and the E3, which might be better short term as you've got the option of using it for 2 children. But then longer term, the main seat seems quite narrow and I have a very chunky little boy, so expect the next one might be a sturdy child as well! On the other hand, I've heard that some toddlers don't like the Jane much as the seat's most upright position is still quite reclined.
Can anyone advise? Generally I think I'm leaning towards the Jane anyway as my chunky son AND a baby are just going to be too heavy to push together, and I want him to walk, but I'd really appreciate all advice on both products from anyone who's tried them. Thanks all.

happy1 Mon 29-Mar-04 10:33:24

Ive got a jane powertrack and i love it! I'd recommend it to anyone. Haven't had any problems with the seat being too reclined. Also you'll probably find the jane folds down smaller than the E3.

kiwisbird Mon 29-Mar-04 10:41:56

E3 here and love it- but I've not given the Jane any research as I just thought it looked too faffy, I like a 3 wheeler than you can actual go up hills and mountains with, without worrying about all the bits!
That's why I chose it, I guess if its mostly urban stuff you're doing then go for a road test at baby shop to be sure

Zerub Mon 29-Mar-04 18:46:32

Does anyone know if you can fit a buggyboard on a Jane Powertrack when you've got the Matrix (lie-flat) carseat on it? I've got an old 4-wheel Jane pram and the matrix carseat - would love a Powertrack for the next one if I can persuade dh!

soph1976 Tue 30-Mar-04 09:53:58

Zerub, As I understand it, you can't really fit a buggyboard on any of the 3 wheelers, as the toddler would then have to be leaning forward and shoving their head underneath the handlebar of the buggy. That's why I've been considering the E3, even though I prefer the look and feel of the Powertrack.

Am thinking of trying to get by with my old 4 wheeled pram for the first couple of months, maybe with a Kiddyboard on, and then getting the Powertrack if DS seems OK walking everywhere.

LIZS Tue 30-Mar-04 10:00:57

I've seen Quinnys with Kiddiboard/Buggyboard attached. Might make them less balanced though.

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