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Bugaboo Frog - opinions please!!

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Joso Fri 26-Mar-04 13:56:33

My friend has just bought one of these for FIVE HUNDRED QUIDS!! Huh! Seems like a lot of dosh to me. I told her I'd get the mumsnet verdict on whether or not they're worth the cash.

katzguk Fri 26-Mar-04 13:57:56

whats a bugaboo frog?

Joso Fri 26-Mar-04 13:59:46

a pram...

marialuisa Fri 26-Mar-04 14:47:58

My Dutch rellies swear blind by them,to the extent that cousin 1 (Holland based) shipped one over to the UK for cousin 2 as they weren't availavble over here then; there's is on child no.3 Think they look hideous personally!

Heathcliffscathy Fri 26-Mar-04 14:48:57

very very very heavy! but very goodlooking...

MrsDoolittle Fri 26-Mar-04 15:00:02

Oh God, someone please tell me it's not that great - have recently spent £380 on a Mamas and Papas pliko and carrycot. £500 is VERY expensive, though !!!!

nicm Fri 26-Mar-04 18:08:45

i think they look brilliant. i was in amsterdam in feb and everyone had them. wish i had instead of the flippin maclaren techno whose wheels kept getting stuck in the tram lines and cobbled streets!! i'd love one but don't think i could justify £500! anyway only bought a kiwi explorer this time last year, but was wondering if i could sell that and get a bugaboo?

LIZS Fri 26-Mar-04 18:11:36

Saw someone struggling with one in snow if that is any comfort. Don't know if the small wheels are supposed to lock but look like a supermarket trolley going through marshmallow !

ScotsBird Fri 26-Mar-04 18:42:21

I have a friend with one and she LOVES it ... I think they look soooooo ugly though ... Ive got a Jane Powertrack which is fantastic and much better looking !!!!

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