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E3 two toddlers

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fairydust Fri 26-Mar-04 08:14:53

Can anyone please tell me how do you psh the E3 with two toddler seats on as the second seat seems so far on the floor and looks as though you can't reach the main handle to push.

mumbojumbo Fri 26-Mar-04 08:25:31

Hi Fairydust

I've got an e3 with a 2 year old and a 4 month old and we have just moved into the toddler mode. There is no problem with pushing the buggy with the second seat in place. I was a bit concerned initially but it has proved to be unfounded. The only slight difficulty is clipping the second seat in place, I seem to trap my finger more often than not (need more practice!!!!). One of the other e3 enthusiasts I'm sure has a "handle extension" to the buggy as he is tall.

Hope this helps.

fairydust Fri 26-Mar-04 08:40:31

do u have to walk with your bum sticking out

mumbojumbo Fri 26-Mar-04 09:09:52

Not more so than usual

No seriously, I can walk normally pushing the buggy fully loaded!

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