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Race Seat for E3 - Anyone got one?

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Bagpuss30 Tue 23-Mar-04 11:03:07

As the title says really. Just wanted to know if it would be better for a toddler than the buggy bunny?

I have been perusing the accessories section of the instruction booklet and I can't decide as I would like something that can be used in summer and winter. Buggy Bunny is reversible (I think?) and race seat is breathable. Help me as accessory mania is kicking in .

Bagpuss30 Thu 25-Mar-04 19:01:00

I'm talking to myself again aren't I?

BearintheBigBlueHous Thu 25-Mar-04 20:13:49

Can't have you feeling all lonesome - we only have the buggy bunny which we're not using at the mo as the buggy bag is in. You're welcome to borrow it for a day or two to see if it suits, but can't help with the race seat, sorry.

Bagpuss30 Fri 26-Mar-04 10:00:05

Thanks Bear, you are a star. I think I will get the race seat now though, but thanks for the offer .

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