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Silver Cross Pop - what is handle height?

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ScotGirl Mon 28-Aug-06 18:13:56

I'm still looking for a high lightweight buggy for my tall husband. I have bought a Maclaren XT but not completely decided yet. It is so grey! and was pricey - £135 even though it was reduced in Mothercare.

Thinking of a silver cross pop but can't find the handle height anywhere on the net. Does anyone know how high it is?

NomDePlume Mon 28-Aug-06 18:27:12

I'm guessing that given that the folded length is 104cm, that would be the handle height, given that it is the front wheels that fold upwards (IYSWIM)

Kaz1402 Tue 28-Aug-07 14:05:08

I believe the height is:
FLOOR TO TOP OF HANDLE IS 108 cm ( 42.5in). Hope this helps.

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