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Fixed Wheel Prams

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GeorginaA Fri 19-Mar-04 21:55:20

Quick opinion poll needed

I'm looking at buying a second-hand rear-facing pram that I could also fit our current carseat to. However, I've noticed that this particular pram has fixed (not swivel) wheels.

How much of an issue is this? I once bought a very cheap pushchair that had fixed wheels and having to lift to turn used to drive me nuts (although that could mainly be because it was cheap and had a slight list to the left so you had to constantly correct).

If it *is* a major issue, could people recommend a brand/model that has: swivel wheels, rear-facing suitable for newborn, a separate carrycot, am likely to find for around £100 second hand (I'm not fussy at all... oh no!) In fact, it's really the carrycot bit I'm interested in ... by the time baby gets old enough to sit upright I'm going back to using the super-light Maclaren Volo!!!

*looking forward to receiving Mumsnet wisdom*

lou33 Fri 19-Mar-04 22:04:17

I preferred swivel wheels that can be fixed. Fixed are better for going over rough ground, swivel for run of the mill wandering about. Ds2 has a sn pushchair that only has swivel wheels which means every biggish bump he goes off on a tangent (lots of country lanes et al round here).

Ailsa Fri 19-Mar-04 23:40:45

Georgina - I've got a Silver Cross Carrycot with swivel wheels that can be fixed if you're interested, I can bring it to WSM's next week for you to look at if you want. You don't mind do you WSM?

LIZS Sat 20-Mar-04 09:15:57

We had a fixed wheel Silver Cross 3in 1 (which could also take a carseat) with the large wheel/sprung chassis and it was only really a problem in very tight spaces, such as small shops and heavy to put in and out of car. Great for walks, trips to park etc and very comfy for small baby. Mamas and Papas were similar but a bit lighter.

Have used a fixed tiny wheel buggy and it was a pia. However I think larger wheels are more stable and there is more suspension which helps you lever to turn and do kerbs.

GeorginaA Sat 20-Mar-04 11:19:01

Sounds good Ailsa (as long as WSM doesn't mind!)

Which model Silver Cross is it? What sort of condition is it in? How much are you wanting for it?

GeorginaA Sat 20-Mar-04 20:42:20

Alternatively, I could get carried away during an ebay auction and end up with a Mamas and Papas one!!! Yes it has swivel wheels.

Thank you for the thought though, Ailsa

Ailsa Sat 20-Mar-04 23:37:12

Georgina, No probs. I couldn't think of the model last night, but it's just come back to me a couple of minutes ago - it's the Wayfarer, the carrycot part is in A1 condition, but I'd have to check the chassis, as they haven't been stored in the same place. I don't want anything for it. I only used it for DD1, bought something different for DS and again for DD2.

GeorginaA Sun 21-Mar-04 08:10:37

Sorry to mess you around Ailsa, see post below - I got carried away in an Ebay auction and am now the proud owner of a Mamas and Papas one! (Well, once I've collected it this afternoon anyway!!) The offer is very much appreciated though.

Ailsa Sun 21-Mar-04 22:21:21

No probs Georgina.

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