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Glass Topped bistro table

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Tasa Thu 18-Mar-04 14:28:17

Does anyone know where I could get a small glass-topped dining table, like a bistro table for two people, very simple?
Argos have one but it's got chairs included which I don't want and I can't see one anywhere else. Thanks for help

spacemonkey Thu 18-Mar-04 14:29:20

I got one from ikea, it seats 4 though so it might be too big. It's got a steel underframe and round glass top, was about £90 I think.

Tasa Thu 18-Mar-04 14:31:39

Oh could you do me a huge favour, can you tell me the diameter of it, even just roughly, thanks!

spacemonkey Thu 18-Mar-04 14:32:57

i'm guessing 1.5m diameter

but the cool thing about it is you can take the glass top off and use the underframe as a table in its own right - diameter of underframe top is about 1m, maybe a little less

Tasa Thu 18-Mar-04 14:34:32

It sounds like it might be too big, does it seat 4 comfortably- do you see the way I want the 4 people to be uncomfortable!

spacemonkey Thu 18-Mar-04 14:35:54

yes it does seat 4 comfortably! it's about the right size for 2 with the glass top taken off

what about habitat?

Tasa Thu 18-Mar-04 14:41:54

I think they're really expensive, but I'll have a look Thanks again

CountessDracula Thu 18-Mar-04 14:47:42

How about this?

Tasa Thu 18-Mar-04 14:50:37

That's what I'm looking for, maybe a little plainer and at least half the price!

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