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Where can I find a 3-seater rocker?

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clary Thu 18-Mar-04 13:54:35

Wonder if anyone can help...DS2 is 1 in April and I don't want to spend lots of money, but he just loves a rocker that they have at his babygym class and I was wondering where I could get one like it. It's red, can sit 1 (in middle), 2(at each end) or 3 (both the above!) so would be ideal (as we have 3). It's good and solid,just really plain, probably fine to be left in garden over summer etc. Not sure what make. The only one I can locate is an ELC one which is £30, rather a lot I thought, but unnecessarily fancy (has a face on it etc). Wonder if anyone has any ideas of where to look. Have tried browsing on the net but I'm a bit crap at it (obviously been SAHM and therefore away from computer too long and have forgotten how!) All ideas gratefully received.

Jaybee Thu 18-Mar-04 14:38:50

I think the one you mean is a Little Tikes one - likely to be more than £30. I will have a look and see if I can find one.

Jaybee Thu 18-Mar-04 14:46:55

There is this one at £19.99 or this one at £34.99

clary Mon 29-Mar-04 08:50:30

Jaybee, thanks for that - we go the whale one from Little Tikes (actually found it in Toys R Us for £5 off so only £15!) and it looks fab. Think DS2 will really love it (now we just have to wrap it ho ho)

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