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Toddler taming recommendations but not 'the' Toddler Taming...

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sashaboo Wed 17-Mar-04 20:42:03

DS (20 months) has just started hitting and throwing and new baby (possible link?!) means I am lacking in both patience and solutions.

I've had a look at Toddler Taming. Any suggestions for other books bearing in mind I don't have much time for reading or implenting a new regime?


collision Wed 17-Mar-04 21:08:13

Might be to do with new baby but in my exp this is something they all go through. My ds is 23 months and did this at the same age as yours is now. I was consistent in telling him NO in a firm stern voice and taking him out of the situation he was in or taking the toy or whatever he was throwing away from him. Praise him a lot when he is good and dont over react would be my advice. HTH

WideWebWitch Wed 17-Mar-04 21:13:21

I like The Secret of Happy Children by Steve Biddulph but it's not specifically about toddlers, just child rearing in general. It's here on Amazon

Tallgirl Wed 17-Mar-04 21:25:20

I've got Vicki Iovine's Best Friends Guide to Toddlers which is much less 'instructional' than Toddler Taming and quite an amusing read. Hearing what other people's kids have got up to may also put in to perspective what you are going through - there is also a section about new siblings and it is quite easy to dip into. It is an American book which they have tried to Anglicise so worth bearing that in mind but definitely worth a look at.

Hope things improve for you! No advice to give on the new baby situation as not got there yet but will do in about 6 months time when DS is 2 3/4!

stupidgirl Wed 17-Mar-04 21:32:30

Anything by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. Or the Steve Biddulph books are good. But agree with Collision's advice. There's stacks of info on the web too, if you can find a bit of tiome to have a look.

sashaboo Fri 19-Mar-04 19:18:49

Thanks for these. DS's behaviour has been better over the last 2 days - hurrah! - but I will be checking out the books in Waterstone's tomorrow.

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