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Tandem one toddler seat parent facing, not BJCS as too long....

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looki Sat 05-Apr-14 22:45:13

Does such a stroller exist?

While I'd prefer a side by side, I use public transport so a tandem is more practical. I really need the top seat to suit my toddler and the bottom seat will be for my smallest baby.

I know that newborns are supposed to see their parents etc but my two year old won't sit in a buggy for any length of time before she wants to change her seat direction to 'chat' to me. I currently have a second hand bugaboo cameleon and its the perfect buggy but I need to change to accommodate my baby. I've researched buggies until I can't think straight with the result that my baby is now five months and I still haven't bought one but now due to going somewhere I need to buy one fast.

Can anybody help please?

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