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Baby bumbo - worth it??

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Colchestergal Wed 19-Mar-14 15:19:43

Baby is four months. Should I get a bumbo? He does like to sit up on my knee and cries in his bouncer. He is porky though, so would he get squished in a bumbo?


Naicecuppatea Wed 19-Mar-14 15:22:42

Definitely a good buy in my opinion. I don't think he'd get squished but might be less likely to topple out - not that that is a worry! I found it really handy for weaning too.

SauceForTheGander Wed 19-Mar-14 15:23:53

If I'd only had DS I'd have said yes! His two siblings hated it.

I'm no help am I?

lanbro Wed 19-Mar-14 15:31:13

Had a Bumbo for dd1, now using a borrowed mamas and papas snug for dd2. The snug is better in my opinion but whichever you go for I recommend either borrowing or buying second hand as they're not in them for long!

nosleeptillbedtime Wed 19-Mar-14 15:32:00

Waste of money or us. He hated it.

rachyconks Wed 19-Mar-14 15:33:44

Couldn't have lived without my M&P snug when DD was little. She loved sitting in it and watching me cook or clean. She watched tv in it and it was great as a starter high chair for weaning.

TheScience Wed 19-Mar-14 15:35:30

We borrowed one, it was useful for a couple of months but they're not really necessary once they are sitting up by themselves. Not worth the money to buy one new imo.

PrincessWatermelon Wed 19-Mar-14 15:38:27

We used ours loads. Esp in the early days for weaning. My DD was quite chunky and still fitted in it at 1 year + when we were a highchair short. They tend to come round second hand quite often. Glad I've kept it for number 2.

TarkaTheOtter Wed 19-Mar-14 15:41:53

I'd buy a 2nd hand one or not at all. There's always loads available used as some babies hate them. I had a big baby and found the window of usefulness really small. She did sit by herself really early though <and then continued to just sit for a further six months before crawling>.

TarkaTheOtter Wed 19-Mar-14 15:42:50

My friend had an M&P snug and used it a lot longer as it's less structured inside so more like a little chair.

BellBottomBlues Wed 19-Mar-14 15:45:50

We used ours lots - when DD was tiny I used to put her on the kitchen worktop in it when I was cooking. We used to go to a baby to pre-school group that had one, and right up until she started school she used to get in it every now and again "to see if I still fit"

Colchestergal Wed 19-Mar-14 20:32:48

Thanks for the replies. I'm watching a couple of snugs on ebay. Will give the bumbo a miss!!

Haahoooo Wed 19-Mar-14 20:35:42

We had a second hand snug from eBay. It got some use but mainly as a toy grin. Endless taking off and putting on of the little table... Will see how it goes down with DC2 soon.

TinyTear Wed 19-Mar-14 20:59:36

I had a prince Lionheart with the straps. Was good but she sat by herself quickly.
But then it became really useful when went back to work as we strapped her in with books while we got ready, cleaned teeth, etc

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