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Please help me get more out of my iphone!

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Choccyjules Sun 09-Mar-14 14:19:02

Last year DH suggested I could have an iphone4 for my birthday. I was thrilled as my previous phones have been basic on fairly cheap contracts. Had never thought we could run an iphone contract but we got an good deal.
So hooray, so far so good. Now I love my ipad2 but feel I'm not getting my money's worth with the iphone4 at all. I have facebook, twitter, news, weather and of course mumsnet moblie on it. Also find 'findmynearest' quite handy when travelling round for work.
Otherwise am a bit stumped in terms of useful Apps or other features. Don't really play games.
My second annoyance is that whenever I go into contacts, half my friends aren't in there, even though I know they are! I have to go via the text message app to find them. Can anyone help?!
Am clearly a dinosaur...

Choccyjules Tue 11-Mar-14 18:36:15


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