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Want to buy a trampoline- which ones are best- how much should I be spending??

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mumofthreeboysS Sun 09-Mar-14 12:03:41

We're looking at buying a trampoline for my DS's 5th birthday but there are so many out there and so many different price ranges- it's all a bit daunting!

Have looked at TP ones that are in the £400 range and Smyths sell them at half that price. We want one that will last around 10 years but just don't know if we should be paying around £400 or whether a cheaper one is sufficient! I have 3 kids so we're looking at around a 10 or 12ft one.

any advice appreciated!

roadwalker Sun 09-Mar-14 12:11:18

My DS is 16. We got a cheap 19ft Argos one when he was 5 and we have just scrapped it
We had 2 replacement nets in that time
We are getting another one as dd liked it. I am planning on getting the 10ft asda one for �99 and getting a play tent to go over it

roadwalker Sun 09-Mar-14 15:14:42

That should be 10ft
I have never seen a 19ft one

Nocomet Sun 09-Mar-14 15:48:04

We had a 10ft TP one which we could have passed on to someone if we'd been organized - it just needed new frame pads and we now have a 14ft TP one.

TP are expensive but they are seriously well built, necessary as ours is now owned by one adult weight 16y and a her 13 year-old, practice serious gym moves for hours DSIS.

bruciebonus Sun 09-Mar-14 16:13:37

As you have 3 kids and are looking at having it for the long haul, then i would say get the best quality one you can afford - I would say £ 200 for a good quality TP trampoline sounds fair, as the pp has said they are good quality. You will most likely need to replace the pads and net over the course of time. Oh, and don't dither over whether to get to 10 or 12ft one - get the biggest one you can fit in the space you have! When they have friends over they will all want to pile on so the bigger the better!

Nocomet Sun 09-Mar-14 16:22:41

In fact having googled TP's new ones. DD2 would be seriously unimpressed as their fancy safety nets stop you using every square millimeter of the pad to get in two tumbling moves.

I am not going to show her this, jumpking 14 x17 ft oval (link also gives lots of sensible and cheaper options grin)

Nocomet Sun 09-Mar-14 16:29:31

Pink confused

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