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breast pads

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Hayls Fri 12-Mar-04 16:00:53

Dd is 6 weeks old and one breast is absolutely gushing! Even after i feed her the flow only slows down a bit. I've started wearing 2 pads and sticking pant liners to my bra (oh how dh must find me attractive) but I still leak!!! Can anyone suggest some super absorbent pads? THere's only so much my washing machine can take with so many top changes evry day!

Coddy Fri 12-Mar-04 16:01:30

maws are the best - gett em form independent chemists

they have sticky bits

Coddy Fri 12-Mar-04 16:04:07

ooh and couldnt you use a shell when your e at home and if you strilize it you can put it in the freezer for when you a re out raving

Hayls Fri 12-Mar-04 16:05:55

Coddy what's a shell?
Am I really stupid?

Coddy Fri 12-Mar-04 16:07:25

hold on will find a link

Hayls Fri 12-Mar-04 16:07:37

Oh, and I tried the AVent ones that have sticky bits but still leaked all over my tops. SHould just start wearing dh's t shirts...

Coddy Fri 12-Mar-04 16:08:53


Coddy Fri 12-Mar-04 16:10:21

MAWS are the best

Hayls Fri 12-Mar-04 16:15:14

Thanks Coddy. Will go to Boots ASAP and try them out. THough would be tempted to put elastic on them and use them as ear muffs
Will also try to get some Maws ones. Thanks!

Coddy Fri 12-Mar-04 16:15:41


it will calm down - you could donate to local neonatal unit?

Coddy Fri 12-Mar-04 16:18:09

if you cant find any let me know and I can post you some

I only discovered thema s I finished feeding number 3!

Tinker Fri 12-Mar-04 16:29:27

Breats shells were good and sanitary towels cut in half! Sympathise, I produced gallons of the stuff.

Hayls Fri 12-Mar-04 17:37:47

Thanks again. Hadn't thought of donating any but it does seem like a bit of a waste. Haven't tried expressing yet though! I'll definitely have a look for them as soon as I can.

katzguk Fri 12-Mar-04 17:48:46

hi i had gallons of milk and leaked loads, i found the washable pads the avent ones were the best and used the shells when i didn't have to move!!

Clayhead Fri 12-Mar-04 20:33:36

Hayls, here is an earlier thread along similar lines

popsycal Fri 12-Mar-04 21:05:44

maws everytime
they are nicelyt shaped - doesnt look like you have big traffic lights on your boobs
and they lock away all the milk so you don't feel constantly damp
always ultra for boobs!

Cha Tue 16-Mar-04 17:47:11

I bought some washable ones from the Green Baby website - about £2 a set - and have never looked back. I am like a cow with gushing udders so I should know... Works out a lot less expensive too, buying washable ones, especially if you plan to bf for a long time.

SoupDragon Tue 16-Mar-04 17:59:15

I liked Boots "luxury" ones.

champs Tue 16-Mar-04 22:09:07

the maws ones are now called tommy tippee. I found the pads nice because they are flatter and widder but not thicker.

Katherine Wed 17-Mar-04 14:30:52

I find the disposable ones useless. They just don't hold enough and feel horrible when wet. The wahable ones are generally much better although some are better than others. I've just got some lovely flowery ones from a WAHM and some really funny cowprint ones.

In an emergency I find that baby socks seem to be very absorbant too!

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