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LeapPad - reviews and opinions please!

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starry Fri 12-Mar-04 14:35:03

We've been thinking about getting a LeapPad for our almost 4 year old DS. I've heard very mixed reviews about them and hence have held off until now. Does anyone have any opinions and experience of the LeapPad. Is it worth it? Are there alternatives that are better?
I'd appreciate any opinions on why/why not you think it's a good educational buy.


Momp Fri 12-Mar-04 14:43:47

My 4 yr old DD took to her LeapPad straight away but after the first few days of "newness", didn't bother with it.
She will now only use it if I sit with her and we both look through the books together.
Her favourite is "Lots and Lots of Honeypots" which is a Pooh bear counting book from the Maths section.
I do believe that DD has learnt a great deal from the books in a short time, but only with my encouragement.

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