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Central Heating/plumbers in the North West

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berries Fri 12-Mar-04 11:20:48

Help, we are part way through a large extension and need to find a central heating supplier in the north West. Current plumber organised by builder is being a pain in the **s*. Any recommendations?

Tinker Fri 12-Mar-04 15:01:48

berries - I know an ex British Gas engineer in Cheshire. Contact me through Contact Another Talker if you want the phone number

berries Mon 15-Mar-04 12:21:24

Tinker - sorry , only just checked messages! Have sent an e-mail to give you my address. Thanks

berries Wed 17-Mar-04 13:27:23

Tinker, have sent you an e-mail. Did you receive it?

Tinker Wed 17-Mar-04 13:48:48

berries - just sent you an email

berries Wed 17-Mar-04 17:17:32

Thanks Tinker - will check mail when I get home.

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