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Yet another ................. E3 thread

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BUSTERTHEDOG Wed 10-Mar-04 19:12:43

Do any of you have trouble fitting yours in the boot of the car?

Is the seat really narrow?

As Tom is now 2.5, is this REALLY going to suit him til he's 5, or could you see him growing out of it? We go for LONG walks, and even my 5 year old likes to ride at the end of some of these.

The reason I am looking at it is because it seems ot be the only buggy that will suit that age.

Did you come across any others in your search?

Did you rule out any of the other obvious choices for any reason that I might find it helpful to know about?

nicm Wed 10-Mar-04 22:10:44


I can fit the older model the kiwi explorer, double's seat with raincover and 2 buggy bags attached into the boot of my 206 with the parcel shelf removed!

i don't think the seat is narrow. i had a big 4 yo in it and it must have been comfortable as she fell asleep in it.

I bought this as i childmind and thought it would be easy as i could use it as a single and then change to a double when i needed it and could still fit through shop doors.


BUSTERTHEDOG Thu 11-Mar-04 09:19:39

how old is the child you put into the back seat when you use it as a double?
I am pretty sure now that I will order the single, am just unsure whether to bother with the doubles kit.

My daughter is 5, my son 2.5
Very very rarely she might ask to ride in the buggy, would it be feasible to put him in the back? I guess he's about 25lb-28lb now.

I think I also thought it would be handy if I had another baby [not planning to!] ........... and at ony 60 quid extra it seemed sensible, although I guess I would need both rain covers? Or can you use the double rain cover even when it is jut a single?

Thanks for your help! regards

BearintheBigBlueHous Thu 11-Mar-04 10:39:40

You can use a double rain cover when it's just a single. They recommend you don't put a child over 30lb in the rear seat, so I guess that just about rules Tom in at the moment....

Our dd is not a narrow child but she's comfy enough in the front seat.

We've never put ours in the car - since we've got it we only use the car when it's raining and walk most of the time

nicm Thu 11-Mar-04 18:34:50

I've had children of different ages in the back seat. The oldest was 3.5 yo and this was with a heavy 4 yo in the front and it was still easy to push. this was the largest child i have had in the back seat. i got both raincovers as there seemed to be 'too much raincover' left at the back when in single iykwim but you can use the double for both. i ordered mine from and rodney gave me the double raincover free when i ordered. i also bought the sinle and dbl sun cover, 2 buggy bags and a travel bag which i store everything in when not in use.

sorry it's a bit long but hope it helps!

BUSTERTHEDOG Thu 11-Mar-04 19:00:54

thanks nicm - is this the new e3 you have or the old kiwi explorer?

I just find the new one looks so narrow in the pictures I have seen, haven't see one in the flesh / pushed one

I'm pretty sold on getting one.

There was a second hand kiwi exp double on ebay that went yesterday for 300 quid - they obvioulsy really hold their value

nicm Thu 11-Mar-04 19:29:03

it's the older one the kiwi explorer. not sure if rodney has any left, but i checked the price for a friend for a single kiwi explorer a few weeks ago on his website with a single raincover, sun cover, travel bag, bacpac and i think a cosy toes and with the exchange rate it was about £150, excluding delivery.

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