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Buckle crunch in Zafira - what car seat will fit?

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Tiggerish Tue 08-Aug-06 20:04:10

I have been told that my dd's car seat isn't safe as it suffers from buckle crunch. I've spent ages trying to find a seat that will fit properly with no luck. Anyone know a seat that will work?? (She's 14 months btw)

CodGuevara Tue 08-Aug-06 20:06:23

whast is buckle crunch?

we had a maxi cosi
dont see what the issue is

misdee Tue 08-Aug-06 20:06:32

try the britax site for a fit finder.

do u have isofix points?

gigglinggoblin Tue 08-Aug-06 20:07:49

we have a zafira! use the britax elite (i think its that one) in the middle seat, but didnt know about the buckle crunch so will keep an eye on here

Tiggerish Tue 08-Aug-06 20:12:27

buckle crunch is when the seat belt buckle rubs against the seat. It stops the belt from pulling at the correct angle, and in an accident it will make the buckle shatter or snap.

I'll try the Britax Elite - middle seat could be a problem with space though.

I didn't know about the fit finder - thanks Misdee, I'll check it out now.

misdee Tue 08-Aug-06 20:13:18

ggg the britax elite isnt suitable in the middle seat for the old style zafira, might be better in one of the other seats.

CodGuevara Tue 08-Aug-06 20:13:43

god id nto streess abotu it
haev you n not r reaf " freakanomics" abotu car seats?

gigglinggoblin Tue 08-Aug-06 20:14:17

how old zafira? ours is 02, is that ok? actually i suppose i could stop being so lazy and look myself....

misdee Tue 08-Aug-06 20:16:31

upto the newer 20-05 i checked. so if its a zafira, not the 'new' zafira, then move it to one of the other seats.

Tiggerish Tue 08-Aug-06 20:22:38

Misdee - fit finder was great!

Unfortunately it does point out that in the Zafira the seat belt anchorages vary in length and should be checked with each recommended seat. I tried several and none of them worked right. Sod's law, ours are particularly long

I think I'll go to the vauxhall people and ask for shorter ones!

misdee Tue 08-Aug-06 20:23:42

thw 1st class does have 2 different routes, which may work for you on route b.

gigglinggoblin Tue 08-Aug-06 20:26:14

omg its not ok! why the hell werent we told this when we bought the bloody thing? are they any good in any middle seats with just the lap belt do you know? i havent found any makes that are ok yet. i am fuming, we bought it from halfords and they said it was fine for middle seat (of course they also tried to sell us one that cost more but had a big sign on it saying not ok just with lap belt so i should have known). cant believe my baby has been in danger. can feel a strong worded letter of complaint coming on

suzi2 Tue 08-Aug-06 20:26:20

You can get the seat belt anchor webbing shortened. I've heard that if you're car minded it's something you can adjust yourself with the right instruction. But if not, apparently any garage can do it easily.

Tiggerish Tue 08-Aug-06 20:30:39

Misdee, even the alternative didn't work properly on that one although it was the best of the lot.

lanismum Tue 08-Aug-06 21:38:29

after the recent threads on carseats i checked dds seat today, and have also found the seat belt buckle is in contact with the car seat, i moved it recently from the side to the middle, will move it back and check again, anyone else have a maxi cosi in a ford fusion?

muma3 Tue 08-Aug-06 21:47:54

ok we went through dozens of car seats and websites and contacted vauxhall . the only one that fitted (only just too ) is one from mamas and papas. im sorry i cant remember what it is called but it has won loads of awards. we had a vectra first and had to buy a new car so that we could fit the car seat in but also needed a 7 seater . its so annoying HTH

PanchoGillian Tue 08-Aug-06 21:49:33


muma3 Tue 08-Aug-06 21:51:42

ours is an 02 zafira , how rediculous having to fit car to seat though isnt it ? hope you have better luck then us it was a nightmare so i know how annoying it can be . we spent every weekend looking for a carseat in the end

CarolinaMoose Tue 08-Aug-06 22:00:47

do you mean the M&P Pro Tec muma3?

I've got one and it's supposed to be buckle-crunch proof. I don't have a vauxhall though, and it deffo wouldn't be ok with just a lap-belt.

The freakonomics people ought to check out that AA leaflet that Caligula posted recently .

CarolinaMoose Tue 08-Aug-06 22:03:01

protec here

muma3 Tue 08-Aug-06 22:05:27

thats the one , we have it behind driver seat . it did take 2 employees to check it though before they gave the go ahead but it doesnt touch so im happy . we do have the long seat belts 2 HTH

car25 Tue 08-Aug-06 22:20:42

Glad it is not only me with the Zafira car seat problem, I have a 54 model that does have isofix (although doesn't have an anchor point for those seats with top tethers ie BebeConfort Iseos isofix), the Britax Duo Isofix does not recline enough, and the Maxi Cosi Priorifix with the leg has a great recline but the fit is not great, the top of the seat really wobbles from side to side.

I have a M&P ProTec from my previous car that I use in the Zafira until I find a better seat, I do get buckle crunch with it unless I fully recline it, although the belt is very slightly twisted in places, so not ideal.

Can't believe someone hasn't made a decent fitting seat for the Zafira, seeing as it is supposedly a "family" car.

MAISIESMOM Sat 16-Sep-06 19:43:35


SpaceCadet Sat 16-Sep-06 19:57:13

i have an 01 zafira and had to get a britax first class si, as it has an alternative seat belt routing., its cheaper than the maxi cosi

Debbiethemum Sat 16-Sep-06 20:05:44

We had the same problem & ended up getting the Britax Evolva 123, it was the only one we could find that fitted the Zafira, as I didn't want to buy a stage 1 for our dd who is 2.5, and would soon be moving up a car seat size anyway

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