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Mothercare jive stroller - any good?

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stellar Wed 10-Mar-04 14:09:17

I need a new buggy/stroller as a spare for the car and was thinking about getting the mothercare jive stroller.

Does anyone have one? Is it any good? Or would you recommend a different buggy at a similar price?


Stella xx

M2T Wed 10-Mar-04 14:17:02

I'm on my 2nd Stella and I think it's FAB! For only £35 I don't care if the wheels fall off after a year. My first one last about 10mths before the wheels started to buckle under the weight of the shopping I used to pile on the back of it! SO I don't know how long it would've lasted had I treated it properly.

I find them easy to use and very comfy for ds. I don't understand why there is such a huge price jump from this one to the next one up which I think is £59.

I will be buying this next baby one whenever he/she can sit up instead of bothering with the big bulky pram.

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