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Your favourite fashion accessory of the moment is...

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scoobysnax Wed 10-Mar-04 14:04:05

I need to wander into the world of fashion accessories but I am a bit inexperienced about it all. Just wondered what everyone else's current fave fashion accessory is?
Other than all the babies of course...

Northerner Wed 10-Mar-04 14:06:08

Handbags are my shortfall.

Not much of an accessory person myself actually, so I will follow this thread with interest.

suzywong Wed 10-Mar-04 14:06:35

My favourites are always the clothes with minimal orange baby food on the shoulder. That's about as far in to fashion as foray these days

oliveoil Wed 10-Mar-04 14:07:11

not fave, but current : adjustable waisted trousers

My wish list would be a lovely leather bag from somewhere swish

scoobysnax Wed 10-Mar-04 14:07:41

Didn't someone say that most of us have too many clothes, too few accessories?
Who was that?

MrsDoolittle Wed 10-Mar-04 14:09:34

Tara Palmer-Tompkinson I bet!

bundle Wed 10-Mar-04 14:11:41

oh oliveoil, i was in a cab yesterday moving slowly down the kings road, past all the posh shops with beautiful jewellery/bags/shockingly expensive children's clothes in them....made my teeth ache it was sooo lovely. but tantalising.

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