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Where can I get bio-degradeable disposable nappies?

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Rachael68 Sun 03-Mar-02 14:33:10

Right from when dd was born (Sept 01) we have been using Nature Boy and Girl disposables bought from Tesco. Suited us fine and never had any probs. They were a wee (sorry!) bit more expensive than normal ones but seemed worth it as they were more eco-friendly. Now, without any warning, Tesco have stopped selling them! Am now looking for similar online as none of high street stores or supermarkets seem to do anything similar. Tooshies looked a bit too expensive but we'll go down that alley if needs be. Anyone have any other brands to recommend?

pamina Sun 03-Mar-02 14:36:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Twink Sun 03-Mar-02 15:29:51

Our local Waitrose stock Nature Boy and Girl too - and have a special buy 2 and save about £2.50 at the moment.

Enid Sun 03-Mar-02 16:37:31

I never understood what was so eco-friendly about the Nature boy/girl nappies. They didn't seem to explain anything on the pack, unlike the nappy sacks which explained that they were 100% biodegradable. Can anyone enlighten me?

Zoya Sun 03-Mar-02 17:18:27

The makers of Nature Boy and Girl nappies have a website at (in Enlgish as well as Swedish) where they say '70% of a Nature Boy & Girl nappy is biodegradable and of biological origin, compared to about approximately (30-40% )for conventional disposable nappies made by the large international manufacturers.' Obviously better than Pampers et al, then, but I don't honestly know how they compare to the other 'environmentally friendly types' as the companies don't all present their information in the same way. As well as Tushies, there is a brand called Moltex Oko - the website does both of those.

Can't offer any recommendations, though, Rachael: after extensive product research into eco-disposables, I've ended up using cotton nappies with an occasional emergency supplement of whatever environmentally noxious disposables the corner shop's got!

Rachael68 Sun 03-Mar-02 20:26:46

Thanks all for your comments/suggestions. Wouldn't you know it - the Sainsbury's we do have locally is weeny and doesn't deliver; there's also no Waitrose but, hey, guess what - we've 2 enormous Tesco's! I think I'll try the websites mentioned by Zoya (did you like my special way of spelling Tushies, by the way - talk about nappy-brained?!)
Incidentally, picking up on another thread I recently read on mumsnet re.Tesco: I rang the customer service desk to ask why I couldn't get Nature Boy/Girl nappies delivered on and was told the store that sorted the .com deliveries did not stock these nappies, even though the other store in our town (nearer my house) did. I was assured I would be written to, to explain the reasons why but never received a dickybird and since then, of course, they've stopped stocking them altogether, so perhaps they didn't think I was worth writing to?!

jasper Sun 03-Mar-02 22:33:09

Rachel, try emailing Tesco as oposed to phoning or dealing with persons in store. You will get an email address form the website and if your experience is like mine will get a speedier response that way.

jasper Sun 03-Mar-02 22:34:20

sorry Rachael68, the spelling centre in my brain has shut down.

bea Mon 04-Mar-02 08:26:01

hi rachel68, we use MOltex nappies, and they are very very good, we tried the tushies and did not like them at all as the tabs were incredibely strong and we'd spend 5 mins with a wriggley pooey baby trying to rip the thing apart!

You can get Moltex at and both will deliver and are generally the cheapest deal you can get (i've surfed around!)

Good luck!

also we use the biodegradable nappy bags whihc nature boy and girl do, bought at our local sainsbury's.

bloss Mon 04-Mar-02 08:38:40

Message withdrawn

Pupuce Mon 04-Mar-02 09:01:05

The Nappy Lady also has a biodegradable one (can't remember the name) which she says is better then what is available on the market (Sainsbury's, Tesco, etc)

lou33 Mon 04-Mar-02 12:14:29

Funny you mention that company pupuce, because I have just been dealing with them myself. What fantastic service The Nappy Lady gives!. My 1 yr old ds gets eczema from lots of foods, but has recently started getting it where the elastic on disposables are, and round the waistband, so I contacted them about cloth nappies. Wow, all I can say is that you don't get service like that very often nowadays. A personal tailored advice service (free!) was sent to me after a quick questionnaire. It was about 10 pages long, had the home phone number and address of a personal advisor, so I can call or mail her anytime I want. She has called me a few times to see how I am getting on with the trial pack she suggested for me (which is great btw), and replies almost immediately with any questions I have.

I will be putting in a full order this week, mainly because after trying the nappies out he seems a lot happier in them, but also their service is brilliant. I would highly recommend having a look at them.

Joe1 Mon 04-Mar-02 12:16:31

I agree with Bloss, I use cloth nappies and wouldnt go back to disposables. When no2 arrives in September I too will have two in cloth.

Pupuce Mon 04-Mar-02 12:22:53

Which ones are you going for Lou33 ? I went for the TotsBots (bought them from the Lady but you do get 10% off from this website).
Bloss also has Tots Bots and so does Joe1 I think.

Joe1 Mon 04-Mar-02 12:32:23

Yep we use Totsbots and glad, I think it was Bloss, they were recommended on this site. Also I wouldnt be without Fleece liners.

lou33 Mon 04-Mar-02 12:55:02

I think they are called mothers ease. They have poppers instead of velcro in case of a reaction from ds. Got a fleece booster and fleece liner, which work impressively at night together. I am just going to try him in the day now without the booster to see how the nappy copes, then I will probably order the full monty.

Debby Mon 04-Mar-02 13:53:04

I've been using the Motherease ones for a few months now, Lou33, and they're great! My ds is fine in them in the daytime without the extra liner, but definately needs the extra liner for through the night. The only problem we have is that the disposable 'poo-catching' liners (sorry for anyone eating their lunch and reading this!) don't seem to stay in one place - i.e. don't catch the poo - but I guess that'd be the same in all types of nappy. However, I can highly recomend Motherease - poppers are more secure than velcro too.

Pupuce Mon 04-Mar-02 13:53:32

I have the all in one motherease for when we go out. The wrap is with the nappy (attached)... they are fab ! They are easily washed. They were expensive but maybe you have the nappy only without the all in one ?
And yes fleece liners are amazing !

Pupuce Mon 04-Mar-02 13:55:01

Debby have you tried fleece liners ? They are washable but they don't move and are amazingly absorbant.
I have both velcro and poppers and both are excellent.

Debby Mon 04-Mar-02 14:51:36

I have heard of these but haven't used them. dh is worried at the mo as to how much poo is going though our washing machine. Wouldn't that be even worse with these? How do you clean them?

Pupuce Mon 04-Mar-02 15:26:29

You empty them in the toilet and if needed rinse them while you flush the toilet. You can't do that with newborn poo as it is too liquid but otherwise it's fine.They stay very white and are very soft. Why don't you buy 3 to test ? they are 1GBP each !

lou33 Mon 04-Mar-02 21:52:39

The Mother Ease I have has a separate wrap, but it doesn't seem to make it any harder or leakier. The fleece liners are brilliant, and seem to take the urine away from his delicate bits better than a disposable does.

If he wasn't so sensitive to so many things I would have had velcro too, but he's a delicate little soul so I thought it best to just avoid it.

I didn't get a chance to try him in the day today because the nappy wasnt dry in time, but will try and whip it off him in the morning to be ready for the afternoon without a liner.

He especially seems to prefer the cloth nappy at the moment because he has terrible chicken pox, and it must feel a bit less hot and itchy than a disposable, poor love!

Thanks for your comments though!

Pupuce Mon 04-Mar-02 22:32:52

Just FYI Lou33... the nappies will get more absorbant as you wash them, they will also dry faster.

lou33 Tue 05-Mar-02 01:04:47

I will remember that in future pupuce thanks, though I have to sheepishly admit that it didnt dry in time because I forgot to empty the washing machine and load it in the dryer! Oops!

Zoya Tue 05-Mar-02 10:18:23

These fleece liners sound a bit fab, I really want to try them. Dim question: do you change them everytime you change the nappy, as with the flushable liners? Can you wash them in with the nappies (which I mostly do on 60 with an occasional vicious boil wash)?

Also, I wanted to give a plug to Lollipop, who I got my nappies from: they work on a local agent system, and if there's one near you, you can get her to come round, show you her wares, talk over your needs etc - I found it an incredibly helpful and friendly way to get my nappies (even though she evidently didn't know about these marvelous fleece thingies)! I think their website is

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