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Lockable storage unit for cleaning products/lock for nappy bin

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Shivs1974 Thu 03-Aug-06 19:12:58

Does such a thing exist? I know everyone says put them up high but we don't have a lot of storage in our kitchen and it'd be easier if such a thing existed.....
Also dd hasn't as yet gone into her nappy bin but I can see that it'll only be a matter of time - any ideas apart from moving it into a different room??

CorrieDale Thu 03-Aug-06 19:42:40

bump coz I'm looking for a lockable bathroom cabinet!

tortoise Thu 03-Aug-06 19:47:38


MrsBadger Thu 03-Aug-06 20:00:59

this too

In fact all of these are lockable.

Shivs1974 Thu 03-Aug-06 22:41:03

Thanks Mrs Badger - I'm looking for something that I can fit my cleaning stuff in under the sink - guess I didn't make myself v clear (sorry!)
But these look great for medicines & such like - so will definitely consider.

lizziemun Fri 04-Aug-06 07:44:43

When i had my kitchen replaced 2 yrs age by MFI i got a lockable metal cage from them which sits in the cupboard under the sink screwed to cupboard floor. quite expensive about £100. But it has been a godsend as have a dd who is into everything.

Bethron Fri 04-Aug-06 08:37:48

Message withdrawn

Shivs1974 Fri 04-Aug-06 08:44:42

She's 14 mths - we have some cupboard locks but I guess I was trying to prevent any curiosity that she might have and go for a super strength option!! Will give these a go and see how we get on....
Any ideas about locks for nappy bins?

MrsBadger Fri 04-Aug-06 08:54:38

whoops, sorry, my links were more relevant to CorrieDale.
These any good? Or the MFI one Lizziemum mentioned is here - I'm sure somewhere else must do it cheaper though.

shazronnie Fri 04-Aug-06 17:21:43

this is a good multi purpose latch which will probably fit on a nappy bin.

CorrieDale Mon 07-Aug-06 19:05:34

Excellent recommendations, thank you very much.

ChoccyJules Wed 05-Nov-14 09:19:56

Resurrecting this zombie as we are looking for a similar product and the above links are defunct.

Does anyone know where I can get those lockable wire cages to go under the sink and store cleaning products?

Thanks for any pointers!

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