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NUK....(teats and bottles)

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Levanna Sun 07-Mar-04 18:30:07

Hi, does anyone know a good place to get them, online or in Tameside/Manchester?
I'm drawing a blank!

nicm Sun 07-Mar-04 19:34:11

sorry, don't know where to get them online but superdrug sell them. Small local chemists are the best and i find stock a larger range.


nutcracker Sun 07-Mar-04 19:48:37

Boots used to sell the Nuk dummies, not sure if they still do though. My dd would only have the Nuk ones. Can't remember if they sold the teats or bottles, but would of thought they did if they sold the dummies.

nutcracker Sun 07-Mar-04 19:58:08

Levanna - Just did a search on Ask Jeeves, and it came up with quite a few sites selling them.


There were a few more too. On ask, i just put "buy nuk teats or bottles". HTH

Levanna Mon 08-Mar-04 22:56:06

Thanks for that
Didn't try jeeves, admittedly (embarressed smiley).
Thanks for finding them for me, I'll keep an eye out at local chemists too. I haven't been to superdrug for yonks, so I'll give that a go too.

dis Tue 09-Mar-04 14:49:06

got a pack of 2 NUK bottles in Tesco Extra a couple of weeks ago,

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