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Stick on bras - have you ever used them?

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sb34 Sat 06-Mar-04 13:22:23

Message withdrawn

Bron Sat 06-Mar-04 15:00:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sb34 Sat 06-Mar-04 15:02:54

Message withdrawn

sb34 Sat 06-Mar-04 15:03:46

Message withdrawn

Twink Sat 06-Mar-04 15:33:55

So they don't have any firm 'cup' bit then ?

I had a pair (?) of them which needed sticking to me and were supposed to be like bra cups without any straps - total f***ing disaster, dh & then 3yo dd were wetting themselves watching my efforts. Needless to say I didn't dare risk anything falling into the soup & went without them. Still danced though

sb34 Sat 06-Mar-04 15:47:11

Message withdrawn

fisil Sat 06-Mar-04 17:06:58

I was a bridesmaid 6 months pg, and had to wear a strapless, backless dress. Those stick on bras didn't come big enough, so we had to create a cantilever system with toupe tape. It looked fab (well, dp certainly thought so, and the brides Mum looked pissed off, so must have been effective). There was another bridesmaid who was small enough for the stick ons - hers ended up looking like little torpedoes!

But they all stayed in place (hers and mine), did their job magnificently, and hurt like hell to get off.

sb34 Sat 06-Mar-04 17:24:11

Message withdrawn

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