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Disposable nappies for a heavy wetter.

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bluebear Fri 05-Mar-04 11:29:24

One of my friends has asked me to ask for recommendations for a nappy for her 21month son who is waking up in the early hours having soaked his nappy, pjs, sleeping bag and sheets. She has tried a few brands of disposable nappy, tried boosting with a cloth booster, and is now limiting the amount he drinks after 5pm but he is still waking up wet.
I'm a cloth nappy user so apart from lending her one of my most absorbant cloth combinations I'm at a loss to help her. Any suggestions?

secur Fri 05-Mar-04 11:37:52

Message withdrawn

mothernature Fri 05-Mar-04 11:38:38

Sorry can't think of any that would do..just tell her to change him before they go to bed, my ds2 was a heavy wetter, the only thing we could do was change him before we went to bed, doing this seems a bit unfair, but he was used to it, we did not interact with him when we did do it, that seemed to work, when does he go down to sleep? and how long does he sleep?

bluebear Fri 05-Mar-04 12:06:37

thanks... her HV advised her to change him before they went to bed but he's only started sleeping through in the last couple of weeks and they are loathe to wake him after almost 2 years of broken nights..also he goes to sleep at 8pm and they go at 10pm so it is only 2 hours later.
I'll tell her about the layering nappies idea Thanks secur.

pollingfold Fri 05-Mar-04 12:21:17

I know this sounds like I'm teaching your friend to suck eggs, but is the nappy the right size? I know that I was tempted to put my DS in a larger nappy ( more comfort round the legs), but all that happened was that it leaked.

I use active nappies during the days and baby drys at night (pampers) with only a couple of mishaps ( but that is again because my DH bought the next size up when things were getting a bit tight in his regular size)

MaggieW Fri 05-Mar-04 12:31:13

My DS sometimes has night leaks too, even though his nappy is the right size. What I do is use normal nappy and put on one of the thinner pull up nappies (which have very stretchy sides so is comfortable) over the top. On the nights when there's no leak it can be reused. It has done the trick for us.

Kayleigh Fri 05-Mar-04 12:33:38

I use a larger sized nappy for night times than i use during the day. Did this for both ds1 and ds2.

bluebear Fri 05-Mar-04 15:10:27

From what she said the nappy is leaking from the waistband rather than the legs - I'm assuming she does it up tight enough.
Pull-ups on top on nappy sounds good. Thanks.
I'll pass all the ideas on to her.

twiglett Fri 05-Mar-04 17:24:51

message withdrawn

skerriesmum Mon 08-Mar-04 20:58:13

I have a wee boy too and use Ecobaby nappies... they are fantastic, the most absorbent, and no chemicals so he's never had a spot of rash (there's green tea extract in them!) They are expensive though so I use Tesco/Pampers/Lidl during the day and save the Ecos for nighttimes.

Tommy Mon 08-Mar-04 21:04:51

We find that if we put DS1 (26 months) in Easy-Up pants (Pampers?)he's not wet in the morning. Haven't done the layering thing though.

PipBeckett Mon 08-Mar-04 21:05:37

Had a similar problem with my ds1 and still do sometimes even though he's five. (Still wears nappies at night because he's a deep sleeper.) I found that the reason he was weeing out of the waistband area was because he slept on his front quite often with he knees underneath him so it just ran out. When I go in to check on him now, if he's lying like that I turn him onto his back. I found caremats very useful because plastic sheets made him sweat all the time.

bloss Tue 09-Mar-04 04:16:54

Message withdrawn

misdee Tue 09-Mar-04 08:04:29

i got a trial pack of totsbot/motherease from lollipop for dd2. it was two nappies (size 3), a wrap and half a roll of liners for £20. it converted me to cloth. but i still put booster pads (3) into her nappy at night as she was waking up soaking most mornings at one point.
actually, she may be able to get a trial pack from the local council depending on the area try this its real nappy week soon so might be able to get a free trial somwhere.

skerriesmum Tue 09-Mar-04 20:32:09

Just realised that Ecobaby is the Irish company that distributes the nappies, which are the Oko Moltex brand...

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