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How do I 'unlock' a mobile phone?

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dheeksha Tue 04-Dec-12 05:10:10

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MaryBS Thu 27-Jul-06 22:29:48

You can do it for free, as its a Nokia, its relatively painless. I did it with my Nokia.

flutterbee Thu 27-Jul-06 20:42:35

Take it to a little independant mobile shop and they will do it for you for about £5-£10

Legacy Thu 27-Jul-06 20:41:34

I don't mean the * Menu keypad lock...

I wanted to switch the (T mobile)sim card from one (old) handset into a newer Nokia one, but I just get a 'phone locked' message and it's asking me for a code/ pin to unlock. Problem is, I don't remember having a pin for either..

Any ideas?

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