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Rubber ducks without holes?

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pipo Wed 26-Jul-06 10:16:18

Does anyone know where I can buy rubber ducks withoout holes in as I am fed up of cleaning them out and I'm not sure they are hygienic with holes in them or I am just a born worrier?

MrsBadger Wed 26-Jul-06 10:42:07

if child is over 6mo, I wouldn't worry

if under 6mo you could swap for boats etc with no holes or keep ducks and dishwash / wash in hot water / milton... but personally I wouldn't bother

BettySpaghetti Wed 26-Jul-06 10:48:53

We've got a great one that doesn't have holes in -its one that lights up when you put it in the water and the lights change colour!

Trouble is it was a present and I've no idea where it came from so not much help -sorry. Bound to find them on some trendy gift/gadget website though.

BettySpaghetti Wed 26-Jul-06 10:52:50

Here you go -had a quick google and found the light up ducks -OK, bit more expensive than a bog-standard rubber duck but they are great fun and the kids love them!

pipo Wed 26-Jul-06 20:14:19

Thank you Betty Spaghetti but a bit pricey for me at the moment. I have thrown out his manky ducks this afternoon as I couln't face cleaning them again. DS has already got 3 small boats(no holes) but they are not as popular as the ducks - he'll just have to cope!

southeastastra Wed 26-Jul-06 20:15:46

you could make the hole bigger and clean it out

chestnutty Wed 26-Jul-06 20:29:22

sure you can buy cheap plastic ducks - perhaps try poundland etc.

MrsFogi Wed 26-Jul-06 20:39:21

John Lewis does a rubber duck with no hole in the bottom

louweasel Thu 27-Jul-06 22:15:53

DS's set of 3 Mothercare ducks don't have holes in the bottom. Think they still sell the same ones - actually I could do with another set because after 3 years they have got mouldy bottoms and won't come clean. Much better than the 'holed' ones though - I hate it when they squirt them and flakes of black slime jet out. Can also recommend the Fimble Valley bathtime toy - all 3 Fimbles without holes and little sprinkler things to shower them with. Ours is still fairly pristine after a couple of years use.

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