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Car seat becoming a nightmare - help please!

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stoo Wed 03-Mar-04 14:08:18

My little monster is 2 and she hates to be strapped in her car seat. We have a big fight ending with her in a serious strop shouting ow, ow, ow (although nothing seems to be hurting her!) and me very stressed. I'm thinking of getting a car seat where she is held in with seat belt rather than harness. She seems to be 15kg but weighing her was a battle too so it was a bit iffy! Is this a good idea? Or has anyone got any other suggestions!! Please help or we will end up never going out!

secur Wed 03-Mar-04 14:35:43

Message withdrawn

iota Wed 03-Mar-04 14:37:37

bribery usually works for mine - we keep sweets in the car - he gets one after he is strapped in

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