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Calling all E3 anoraks - questions and request

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jennifersofia Tue 02-Mar-04 21:49:52

From the profile picture it looks like the top of the seat underneath extends beyond the distance of the pushing handle. Don't you hit your legs on it, or have to lean over in an awkward and backache inducing fashion, a la buggy board? Also, how does it work when your 2nd is an older bigger child? Would my chunky vigorous 17 mth old fit in there happily, and would she when she gets bigger? Has anyone had experience with older (eg not a couple of months) children in the E3?
Lastly, is there anyone in London (ideally near the square mile) that would be willing to let me have a go with theirs? It is a big investment... Thanks!

BearintheBigBlueHous Wed 03-Mar-04 16:22:01

As possibly the biggest E3 anorak at the mo, I'll try to help - I thought the same about walking into the lower handle, but you just don't (someone on this site told me that too before I bought and they're right, could have been Kaz33 - belated thanks). However I did find it less than comfortable at first, but DW (who is shorter) didn't - see the NEW E3 thread for details of the longer handle which is brilliant if you're tall and worried about leaning over. Our no. 2 is a long and light 5 months and we're in the West Country so can't help you with the rest sorry. HTH

jennifersofia Wed 03-Mar-04 22:05:28

Thanks Bear. Why did you find it less than comfortable? Is it because you have longer legs and have to stand back farther? How did you resolve it?
Hope I didn't offend others by calling them anoraks! (my husband fondly calls me a 'pram anorak' because I am always checking out other peoples prams!)

BearintheBigBlueHous Wed 03-Mar-04 22:35:34

It's all here Jen, scroll down to the start of the thread.

Bagpuss30 Thu 04-Mar-04 15:10:15

Jen, I believe the correct term for us E3 addicts may in fact be Pramoraks .

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