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Children's ski gear - who sells it?

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oblong Mon 01-Mar-04 14:47:13

Where's the best place for kid's ski gear - in my day it was C&A but alas they are no longer with us?

Gumboot Mon 01-Mar-04 14:48:53

I saw some stuff in H&M in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago.


LIZS Mon 01-Mar-04 15:07:21

Second H and M or Argos do C and A by mail order. Also Next have done some this year and last. There was another thread a little while back here . Also there is an outdoor clothing warehouse in Europe including Uk but am trying to remember what it is called.....

LIZS Mon 01-Mar-04 15:27:58

Found it Decathlon here

crystaltips Mon 01-Mar-04 15:44:56

This is where we got our stuff ellis brigham


Jaybee Mon 01-Mar-04 16:00:18

They have a good selection in Trespass shops - there is one in the XScape building in Milton Keynes. I think that John Lewis do a limited range too. Otherwise it might be worth hiring it - especially if you don't go very often.

alibubbles Mon 01-Mar-04 16:50:58

Snow and Rock, but M&S did a very good range this year, similar to Helly Hansen.

What age do you want, I have a loft full!

CountessDracula Mon 01-Mar-04 16:51:53


GillW Mon 01-Mar-04 19:22:45

Oblong - what sizes are you looking for? I have a few new/almost new childrens ski suits up for grabs for 2-3 and 5-6 sort of sizes - also childrens ski helmets at less than retail (we import them directly for our ski club).

Otherwise for budget stuff I'd try H&M or Decathlon as already mentioned, Tchibo if you happen to time it right (not at the moment - though they've got well priced baby sleeping bags this week if anyone needs those) or, believe it or not, Aldi around December/January. If you're looking for bigger kids, then Mountain Warehouse/Tog 24/Helly Hansen have outlets at a lot of the outlet shopping villages. For a specailist online retailer try Kidski (sale on at the moment).

Or if you've got a bit more cash to spare, try Snow and Rock , or Ellis Brigham .

SueW Mon 01-Mar-04 19:32:47


collision Mon 01-Mar-04 19:47:32


oblong Mon 01-Mar-04 20:58:29

Thanks so much for all the advice - GillW I'm looking for gloves, socks and goggles for 5 year old but thanks so much for the offer and to you and everyone for all the links! I'm heading off to H&M and Argos in hope of bargains and if not there's a snow and rock not too far away so I'll give them a go. Thanks again to all.

GillW Mon 01-Mar-04 21:36:09

Sorry Oblong - I don't think we've got any spare accessories in that sort of size hanging about at the moment - smaller and larger, but not that size. We do have a nice brand new Next ski suit in red/cream for age 6/116cm (sold as boys, but would be ok for either) which is destined for Ebay later in the week unless anyone wants to stake a claim on it first.

Mo2 Tue 09-Mar-04 21:28:31

GillW - have e-mailed you via contact another talker, as we're going skiing (last minute decision) on 3rd April with DS1 (114cm - size 5-6) and Ds2 (aged 2) and we have NOTHING in the way of ski stuff/ snow suits for them yet!!

Anyone got anything else in this size range looking for a loving new home??

crystaltips Tue 09-Mar-04 21:40:14

Let me go into my attic and have a look ..... can't promise anything as I have become an ebay addict - but if I find anything I shall post ...

Will make a note and look tomorrow

Janh Tue 09-Mar-04 21:49:27

Mo2, have a look here - have only looked at front page though, not item by item.

Mo2 Tue 09-Mar-04 22:13:11

Thanks - am about to go and trawl eBay too....

Mo2 Wed 10-Mar-04 09:26:07

GillW - have you listed your stuff on eBay - saw a Next one on there which sounded a bit like yours.....?

GillW Wed 10-Mar-04 11:58:50

Mo2 - no I've still got it. Have emailed you details and pictures.

Mo2 Wed 10-Mar-04 13:23:30

Thanks! Am at work at the moment, but will get the e-mail at home later hopefully!

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