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Where can I get roller skate socks from? The ones you wear over bauer type quads?

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schnapps Wed 19-Jul-06 09:42:28

Anyone know what I mean? I've been searching for ages on the web but can't find any. I know I've seen them on the web before but can't find the sites I've looked at before and any google search just comes up with normal socks that you put on your feet (I've tried different variations - skate socks, roller skate socks, quad skate socks, hockey socks, ice hockey socks, bauer socks etc). Do they go by any other name perhaps?

Kelly1978 Wed 19-Jul-06 09:47:25

puffas here

I used to have them!

schnapps Wed 19-Jul-06 09:55:51

Of course - puffas! That's the word, I'd completely forgotten. Thanks Kelly

RollerXpress Tue 19-Jul-11 15:45:05

Hello... yes, I bought mine from this company... excellent service & very friendly too - makes a real change smile

Skate Socks

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