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Maclaren Volo - where are the breaks?

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justiner Fri 27-Feb-04 18:20:45

Am a little ashamed to be asking this seeing as I've had my Volo for a few months. Bought it second-hand from ebay and no instructions and I've yet to discover the break. Can anyone enlighten me before my ds rolls down the street for good?

nutcracker Fri 27-Feb-04 18:23:45

The brake must be by the wheels somewhere surely. I've never had a volo so i'm not sure sorry

Hulababy Fri 27-Feb-04 18:36:54

I have a Volo. The brakes are the same mechanism for all Maclarens and are just as bad But anyway, it is a kick bar at the bottom of the pushchair, just above the wheels. There should be two black plastic bits for knocking the mechanism across - one at each side. Kick to right to put on, and left to take off.

aloha Fri 27-Feb-04 19:16:56

My brakes broke ages ago - then the wheels developed a mind of their own....

justiner Sun 29-Feb-04 11:04:17

thanks Hulababy am going to investigate now - can't think why I haven't found it. Never had a problem with Maclarens before.

justiner Mon 01-Mar-04 10:14:19

Am probably being enormously thick but I still can't work it out. I asked dh and he said he thought it didn't have breaks. can anyone else shed any light?

Tissy Mon 01-Mar-04 10:24:56


here is the volo page from the Maclaren website. If you click on "side view" you can just see a little black knob just above the back wheels. Have a look down there on your buggy, there should be a black knob that you push one way or the othere with your foot to get the brakes to engage. I must say I find the brakes the worst thing about this buggy, although otherwise, it is brilliant!

Tissy Mon 01-Mar-04 10:28:27

meant to say, the knob isn't in the middle, it is next to the wheel!

Galaxy Mon 01-Mar-04 10:28:43

message withdrawn

Tissy Mon 01-Mar-04 10:29:46

didn't know they'd changed the brakes, but you still need to look just above the back wheel for a little black knob!

Bagpuss30 Mon 01-Mar-04 10:29:46

Just go to the Maclaren website ( view the Volo and click on the instructions link to download in PDF format. If you click on the tab at the side so that you have thumbnail pictures it is frame 29 that you need . Brakes are equally rubbish on all Maclarens apart from the Techno, I have a Quest which I never use because of this and a Techno as it's replacement which I love .


(First link I've done )

Bagpuss30 Mon 01-Mar-04 10:31:17

Sorry, took me ages to post that, didn't mean to cross posts.

Tissy Mon 01-Mar-04 10:39:58

Bagpuss, it may have taken you ages, but it was a much better picture!

I've just emailed Maclaren to ask if it's possible to upgrade the brakes to the new style. Expecting the answer to be no, though

Galaxy Mon 01-Mar-04 10:42:38

message withdrawn

justiner Mon 01-Mar-04 14:45:42

Thank you guys - must be able to find them now - only problem is I left the pushchair at my mum's yesterday... so still a few days before I can make my big discovery!

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