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Anyone heard of a highchair from Geprufl (or somehing similar) ?

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PopsP Wed 25-Feb-04 20:16:22

Help - A friend lent us her highchair for our daughter. Yesterday the plastic strap that goes between her legs broke. The highchair has not got any names or info on it apart from a very faint Geprufl Sickhert - (I think thats how its spelt, but it is very faint). It sounds German to me, but I can't find anything on the internet.

Has anyone heard of a company like this ? We really wanted to replace the strap without having to ask our friend where the chair came from.

LIZS Thu 26-Feb-04 08:09:08

Sorry but I think that what you are looking at the safety standards label ie Geprufte Sicherheit, abbreviated to GS. It does sound german though. Perhaps if you looked through some of the german based baby sites you'd find something similar and the manufacturer - try for starters.

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