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Suction bowls; where can I get them.

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hellbell Tue 24-Feb-04 16:04:44

Hello All. I have just bought bowls with suction cups on the bottom, for use in my dd's high chair, from Ikea and they are hopeless. The thing is that I can't find any others. Can anyone help?

alison222 Tue 24-Feb-04 18:06:48

I had a tommee tippee one it too was useless. Don't bother! Just grin and bear the mess with gritted teeth. Try not too messy stuff as finger food on the tray

emmatmg Tue 24-Feb-04 18:14:04

Mothercare do them

Moomin Tue 24-Feb-04 18:56:03

I think they're all a bit hopeless - looks good in theory but the tray gets wet, the bowl slides around and then pops off. I've tried a few and none have done what they said on the tin. Agree with alison222 - grin and bear it! Put a plastic cloth on the floor and/or keep hold of the bowl yourself if you're really "squeamish".

emmatmg Tue 24-Feb-04 18:59:28

and they are also dangerous!!!

when DS1 first had one he pulled and pulled at it until it popped off and hit him in the mouth, cutting his lip quite badly

kiwisbird Tue 24-Feb-04 22:13:40

rubbish all of them
dd/s's just learn after a while not to tip them up
mothercares ones are tat
dd learned to pull the bottoms off, the bottoms are great teething tools though

florenceuk Wed 25-Feb-04 12:38:20

DS simply ran his hand around the bowl until he found the tag and pulled - that was it for the suction bowl. Still useful as a bowl though, once I chucked the suction bit.

karen99 Wed 07-Apr-04 11:06:36

Just got two Peter Rabbit suction bowels which work great on my countertop but are crap on my wooden highchair...

I know this is only a month on from this thread but does anyone else have any good tips other than grinning and bearing it? Are the suctions just as crap on plastic highchairs?

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