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E3 Explorer owners

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jenthehen Tue 24-Feb-04 09:09:26

I'm hoping to order an E3 but would like to see one in the flesh first. Does anyone have one that I could take a look at please? Second baby due in 2 weeks so don't wish to travel too far! Live in Derbyshire.

Gem13 Tue 24-Feb-04 12:01:35

Sorry, 'fraid I'm down south.

angelstar Tue 24-Feb-04 16:22:50

I live in Eastwood, on the notts/derby boarder, if thats any help to you, you are welcome to visit and look at mine.

BearintheBigBlueHous Tue 24-Feb-04 19:19:26

West Country, sorry. But am happy to add photos to my gallery (see other threads) if you want to suggest configurations. Mr Cow and Rudolf could do with another outing

jenthehen Wed 25-Feb-04 08:47:52

Thanks for that angelstar, very kind. Is that near the Ikea store? We will arrange a meet up. Have you been using your E3 for long and do you have the double me up kit? Just as a side note what colour did you get?....still a big debate in our house about this.
Have seen photos from "bearinthebigbluehouse" very cool! My dh is really keen on th E3, it's actually me that needs convincing, my ds is a very active 2yr old and I'm not sure how long he would sit still in a pushchair so I'm a bit concerned about the tipping up issue.

mumbojumbo Wed 25-Feb-04 09:07:35


I'm down south too, but can put some piccies up if that helps. I have a 26 month old and a 15 week old and have had no problems getting ds1 to sit in the front and ds2 to go underneath (although he is getting a little bit big for there now). No problems with tipping up either.

Best investment I've made in a long time. I will soon convert to the two toddler mode so that will be interesting.

PS Got the black/charcol one - very stylish and cleans up a treat

angelstar Wed 25-Feb-04 10:52:24

Hi Jenthehen,

It is near ikea, we can meet there if you want, afternoons are best for me when. I do have the do have the doubles kit, and mine is charcoal and black too. I've only had it about a week though as my baby isn't due til june.

jenthehen Thu 26-Feb-04 15:49:59

Hi angelstar, an ikea meet would be great. I can do pretty much anytime, so when suits you best? Free tomorrow Fri if anygood to you?

Thanks Mumbojumbo would love to see the pics!

angelstar Fri 27-Feb-04 09:18:11

Hi Jenthehen,

I can't meet today dd is ill, so I'd best not takle her out in the snow,monday would be ok though,about 1.45pm.

jenthehen Fri 27-Feb-04 10:07:01

Thanks angelstar monday should be fine, weather permitting. will confirm monday am if thats ok. Hope dd is ok.

angelstar Sun 29-Feb-04 21:03:52

Hi Jenthehen,

I'm afraid I can't make it tomorrow, dd is still not well

jenthehen Mon 01-Mar-04 09:35:26

Oh dear, hope she soon recovers. Let me know when your next free.

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